Who is the STAC?

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The STAC represents a variety of interest and disciplines in the soil, water, wetlands, plant, and wildlife sciences.
 By policy, representatives should be from among the following:
US Department of Agriculture Agencies:
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Farm Service Agency
  • FSA State Committee
  • Forest Service
  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture
  • Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
State Departments and agencies including:
  • Agriculture
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Forestry
  • Soil and Water Conservation Agency
  • Water Resources Agency
And in addition:
  • Agriculture producers representing the variety of crops and livestock or poultry raised in the State
  • Owners of nonindustrial private forest land
  • Nonprofit organizations with conservation expertise
  • Nonprofit organizations with experience working with agriculture producers
  • Agribusinesses
  • Each of the federally recognized American Indian Tribal governments             
  • Local Working Group (LWG) chairpersons
WA STAC Committee Organizations
Ducks Unlimited
Chris Bonsignore, Regional Biologist
Intermountain West Joint Venture
Terry Mansfield, WA State Conservation Partnership Coordinator
Northwest Power Planning Council
Raquel Crosier
Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association
Steve Bloomfield
Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association
Kay Meyer
Spokane County Division of Utilities
Ben Brattebo, Water Supply Specialist
US Agricultural Research Service
Dr. Brenton Sharratt, Research Leader
US Bureau of Land Management
Chris Shafer, Rangeland Management Specialist
US Environmental Protection Agency,
Region 10
Robert Marsh, Regional Agricultural Advisor
US Farm Service Agency
Rod Hamilton, Program Specialist
US Farm Service Agency
Steve Hair, FSA State Committee
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Ginger Phalen, Fish and Wildlife Biologist
US Forest Service, Region 6
Brad Siemens, Forest Legacy & Community Forest Program Manager
US National Marine Fisheries Services
Dale Bambrick
Washington Association of Conservation Districts
David Vogel, Executive Director
Washington Farm Bureau
Tom Davis, Director of Government Relations
Washington Farm Forestry Association
Howard Wilson
Washington Friends of Farms & Forests
Robin Parry, Valerie Eckloff
Washington Grain Alliance
Nicole Berg
Washington State Conservation Commission
Mark Clark, Executive Director
WA State Department of Agriculture
Ginny Prest, Dairy Nutrient Management Program Manager
WA State Department of Ecology
Melissa Gildersleeve, Water Quality Program Section Manager
WA State Department of Fish & Wildlife
Don Larsen, Private Lands Coordinator
WA State Department of Natural Resources
Aaron Everett, State Forester
Washington State University Extension
Randy Baldree, Agricultural Program Leader
Washington State Potato Commission
Raina Spence