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STAC Past Meeting Materials

STAC Past Meeting Materials


September 2011 Meeting - Cancelled

July 26, 2011

STAC Agenda    (DOCX; 27KB)
STAC Minutes    (DOCX; 23KB)
Pay Schedule    (PDF; 79KB)
WA 395 Specification    (DOCX; 1136KB)
WA 395 Standard   (DOCX; 39KB)
WA 395 Job Sheet    (DOCX; 225KB)
WA 396 Specification   (DOCX; 503KB) 
WA 396 Standard    (DOCX; 35KB) 
WA 396 Job Sheet    (DOCX; 509KB) 

May 24, 2011

STAC Meeting Minutes for May 24, 2011  (DOCX; 24KB)
STAC Agenda and Topic Forms for May 24th   (DOCX; 25KB)
Re-Draft Roles and Responsibilities of Practice Standard Subcommittee to the STAC (DOCX; 28KB)
State Priority Resource Assessment   (PDF; 66KB)
State Priority Resource Assessment Presentation (PDF; 6.8 MB)
LWG 2012 EQIP Funding documents
    2012 EQIP LWG Funding Pool  (XLSX; 13KB)
    Big Bend Team  (PDF; 785KB)
    North Central Team (PDF; 902KB)
    Northeast Team  (PDF; 81KB)
    Northwest Team  (PDF; 377KB)
    Palouse Team  (PDF; 44KB)
    Puget Sound Team  (PDF; 356KB)
    South Central Team  (PDF; 1.2MB)
    Snake River Team  (PDF; 617KB)
    Southwest Team   (PDF; 640KB)
    West Palouse Team  (PDF; 200KB)

March 22, 2011

STAC Meeting Minutes  (DOCX;  24KB)
STAC Agenda and Topic Forms for March 22nd   (DOCX; 473KB)
Roles and Responsibilities of Practice Standard Subcommittee to the STAC  (DOCX; 24KB)
Conservation Activity Plans (CAP) through EQIP  (PDF;  62KB)
590 Talking Points  (DOCX; 17KB)
590 Practice Standard  (PDF;  242KB)
GM-190 Part 410, Compliance with NEPA   (PDF; 310KB)
USACE - Special Public Notice  (PDF; 191KB)

January 25, 2011

STAC Agenda for January 25th  (DOC; 12KB)
STAC  Minutes for January 25th (DOC; 21KB)
STAC Roles and Responsibilities (PDF; 660KB)
LWG Presentation  (PDF; 1.2MB)
Resource Based Performance Planning Presentation (PDF; 2.4MB)

November 23, 2010

Meeting Minutes    (DOCX;  17KB)
Operations Strategy Questions  (DOCX; 12KB)
WA GARC's for WRP and GRP  (XLSX; 13KB)

September 28, 2010

STAC Meeting Minutes for September 28th    (DOCX;  24KB)
STAC Agenda    (DOCX;  21KB)
Conservation Commission    (PDF; 95KB)
CIG State Level Awards    (PDF;  974KB)
Proposed Improvements and Decisions    (DOCX;  16KB)




Bonda Habets
State Resource Conservationist
316 West Boone Avenue, Suite 450
Spokane, WA  99201
Phone:  (509) 323-2961