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Washington State Supplements to the National Engineering Manual 210-V

The following documents require Adobe Reader.

Part 501 – Authorizations
WA501 Review and Approval (PDF; 35KB)
WA501 Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting Activities (PDF; 41KB)

Part 502 – Responsibilities
WA502 Area Engineering Staff (PDF; 31KB)

Part 503 – Safety
WA503 Public Safety at Structure Sites (PDF; 19KB)
WA503.23 Engineering Soils Investigation Truck  (PDF; 27KB)

Part 504 – Special Investigations, Studies and Reports
WA504 Sedimentation Surveys of Selected Reservoirs (PDF; 12KB)

Part 505 – Non-NRCS Engineering Services
WA505 Site Specific Plans and Specifications (PDF; 8KB)
WA505 Nonproject Activities (PDF; 23KB)

Part 506 – Technical Materials
WA506 Technical Materials (PDF; 12KB)

Part 511 – Design
WA511 Procedures (PDF; 30KB)
WA511 Documentation (PDF; 62KB)

Part 512 – Construction
WA512 Evaluation of Construction Materials (PDF; 83KB)
WA512 Quality Assurance Procedures (PDF; 17KB)
WA512 Equipment, Records, and Coordination (PDF; 15KB)
WA512 As-Built Drawings (PDF; 22KB)

Part 513 – Operation and Maintenance
WA513 Operation and Maintenance (PDF; 12KB)

Part 523 – Irrigation
WA523 Irrigation (PDF; 21KB)

Part 525 – Restoration
WA525 Restoration (PDF; 14KB)

Part 526 – Stormwater Management
WA526 Stormwater Management (PDF; 24KB)

Part 530 – Hydrology
WA530 Hydrology (PDF; 19KB)

Part 534 – Hydraulic Engineering
WA534 Hydraulic Engineering (PDF; 13KB)

Part 536 – Structural Engineering
WA536 Design Criteria for Reinforced Concrete (PDF; 13KB)

Part 540 – Field Surveys
WA540 Field Surveys (PDF; 76KB)

Part 542 – Specifications
WA542 Construction Specifications (PDF; 17KB)

Part 544 – Equipment
WA544 Equipment (PDF; 15KB)

Part 545 – Engineering Technical Materials
WA545 Development and Distribution of Technical Materials (PDF; 52KB)