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Geotechnology Web Links

Geotechnology Web Links

The Washington state "Geo Tech" team has prepared the following helpful links to assist you.

National NRCS Toolkit Homepage –
Toolkit Information and Helpful Hints

NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway –
Download Geospatial Data

NRCS Soil Data Mart –
Download Geospatial SSURGO Soil Data

NRCS National Soil Information System (NASIS) Homepage -
Information for Deciphering Soil Database Information

Toolkit Online Help -

USDA Soils Homepage –
Soil Information

ESRI Support -

GIS Technical References
This site has all of the MO's training documents that they use for the Soil Scientist ArcMap training. They are broken down into individual tasks/topics so it's pretty easy to find a subject heading to match what you are trying to do in ArcMap (although some of the links are not currently working.