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STAC Meeting Materials and Minutes

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Washington State Technical Advisory Committee meetings are conducted via teleconference/webinar (unless otherwise specified) from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm on the following dates:

  • January 27, 2015
  • March 24, 2015
  • May 26, 2015
  • July 28, 2015 (tentatively face to face meeting in Western WA)
  • September 22, 2015 

STAC Teleconferences can be accessed by dialing:  888-844-9904, Code 9495162

STAC Webinars can be accessed from the web at: Meeting Number:  8888449904, Code: 9495162

Access nutrient management sub-committee materials.
Access draft NRCS practice standards available for comment.

The documents below require Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Excel , or Microsoft Word. Many publications have been make available in a .PDF format.  Alternative text is not available for these publications as they can not be depicted in a narrative format. We apologize for any inconvenience. For any accessibility issues, please contact 509.323.2911.

Materials for Local Work Group meetings for FY13:

SRA / LWG Process Overview  (PPTX; 1.2MB)
LWG "Package" Worksheets   (XLXS; 144KB)

Meeting Materials


Meeting Date Agendas and Minutes Meeting Materials and Presentations
March 24, 2015 Agenda (DOCX; 15 KB)

CDSI Cropland Checklist
Federal Register example
NCP Notice 157
NCP Notice 158
NCP Notice 159
NCP Notice 160
NCP Notice of Standard topic form
State Ranking Questions
State Ranking Questions topic form
Farmed Smart
Forest Action Plan
2016 RCPP Priority Resource Concerns
2016 RCPP topic form
AECEP Manuel Discussion
Easement Subcommittee topic form
Sage Grouse Initiative
Land Use Checklist topic form
LWG Meetings topic form
National Air Quality Initiative topic form
SRA Update topic form
Technical Note updates topic form

January 27, 2015 Agenda (DOCX; 86.5KB)
Meeting Minutes (DOXC; 24KB)

FY 16 NRCS LWG Data Collection Tool Instructions (PFD; 158KB)
LWG Treatment Acres (PDF; 195KB)
Master LWG Presentation (PPT; 12,040KB)
LWG Kickoff Meeting (DOCX; 64KB)
2016 LWG Data Collection Tool Template Final (Excel; 547KB)
STAC LWG eDirectives (PDF; 141KB)
Kickoff Allocations ECT AWF (PPT; 63KB)

September 23, 2014 Agenda (DOCX; 17KB)
Meeting Minutes (DOCX; 31KB)

eFOTG Subpart A - Policies and Procedures (PDF; 128KB)
GSS Map 1 (PDF; 1.7MKB)
GSS Map 2 (PDF; 1.8MB)
GSS Map 3 (PDF; 2MB)
Sentinel Lands Map (JPG; 1MB)
STAC Future Direction Proposal (DOCX21KB)
STGC Membership (PDF; 182KB)
STGC Roles and Responsibilities (PDF; 48KB)

Regional Conservation Partnership Program Docs

RCPP Update (DOCX; 23KB)
RCPP total state applications letter (PNG; 656KB)
RCPP Overview Total RCPP CCA applications (PNG; 876KB)
RCPP Total National Applications (PNG; 598KB)

August 5, 2014 Agenda (PDF; 63KB)
Meeting Minutes (PDF; 87KB)

Copy of State Ranking Questions (PDF; 25KB)
Percent Summary by LWG A (PDF; 15KB)
Percent Summary by LWG B (PDF; 12KB)
Percent Summary by LWG C (PDF; 59KB)
RCPP State Plan (PDF; 121KB)
LWG July 2014 Summary (PDF; 179KB)
WATCAC July 2014 Summary (PDF; 118KB)

May 13, 2014 Agenda (DOCX; 20KB) NRCS Conservation Planning Presentation (PPTX; 4.1MB)
January 28, 2014 Agenda (DOCX; 858KB)

Local Working Group (LWG) Information

590 Fact Sheet - 2009 vs. 2014 (PDF, 600KB)
590 Standard - December 2013 (PDF; 95KB)
Conservation Buffers Design Guidelines (PDF; 2.2MB)
CSP 2013 WA Priority Resource Concerns (PDF; 151KB)

FRPP Washington Ranking Sheet 2014 (PDF; 93KB)
CSP Geographic Priority Areas 2013 (PDF; 591KB)
GM 440 Part 501 - State Technical Committees (PDF; 145KB)
GM 450 Part 401 Technical Guides (PDF; 205KB)
GM 450 Part 405 Compliance with Laws and Regulations (PDF; 96 KB)
STAC Subcommittee Roles and Responsibilities (DOCX; 34KB)
Letters to Hold Biological Tech Note 14 (PDF; 1.9MB
Resource Concerns Cropland Checklist (PDF; 327KB)
Washington GARC Document Draft - 2014 (PDF; 1.3MB)

November 19, 2013

Agenda (DOCX; 18 KB)

Minutes (DOCX; 30KB)


Local Working Group (LWG) Information

590 Fact Sheet - 2009 vs. 2014 (PDF, 600KB)
Screening Tool FY14 WA NRCS EQIP (DOCX, 22 KB)
NRCS Practice Standard  Presentation (PPTX, 392 KB)
LWG Percent Rep (PDF, 14 KB)
LWG Percent Rep by Land Use - Range (PDF, 14 KB)
LWG Percent Rep by Land Use - Pasture (PDF, 14 KB)
LWG Percent Rep by Land Use - Other (PDF, 14 KB)
LWG Percent Rep by Land Use - Forest (PDF, 14 KB)
LWG Percent Rep by Land Use - Crop (PDF, 14 KB)
FRPP Washington Ranking Sheet (Draft) (DOCX, 31 KB)
300-2014-X Attachment 1 Program Timeline (XLSX, 21 KB)
LWG FY 2014 Summary Reports (ZIP, 172 KB)

July 24, 2013

Agenda (DOCX; 19 KB)

Minutes (PDF; 120KB) 

Local Working Group (LWG) Information

LWG Kickoff Presentation (PPTX; 2.4MB)
LWG Selected Practice Standards FY13 (PDF; 150KB)
LWG Percent Allocated by Resource Concern (PDF; 10KB)

LWG Treatment Acres by Resource Concern (PDF; 10KB)
LWG Resource Concern Summary Report FY13 (PDF; 26KB)
Planning for FY15 Presentation (PPTX; 118KB)
Easement Program FY13 (DOCX; 16KB)
Programs Update FY13 (XLSX; 32KB)
LWG Report (PDF; 337KB)
P Index Changes (DOCX; 16KB)
Notice 157 (PDF; 48KB)
Draft 590 Practice Standard (DOCX; 83KB)

March 26, 2013 Agenda (DOC; 14KB) 590 Talking Points STAC (DOC; 20KB)
CDSI Cropland Checklist (PDF; 383KB)
CDSI Farmstead Checklist (PDF; 308KB)
CDSI Forest Checklist (PDF; 302KB)
CDSI Landscape Checklist (PDF; 171KB)
CDSI Pasture Checklist (PDF; 312KB)
CDSI Range Checklist (PDF; 298KB)
Conservation Planning FY14 Presentation (PPTX; 5.5MB)
January 22, 2013 Agenda (DOC; 34KB)
Minutes (DOC; 24KB)
October 25, 2012 Agenda (DOC; 29KB)
Minutes (PDF; 124KB)
FRPP Ranking Criteria (PDF; 227KB)
FRPP Ranking Criteria Tool (XLSX; 38KB)
Standard 329 Roller-Harrow White Paper (DOC; 18KB)
Fiscal Year 2013 Geographic Area Rate Caps (GARCs) (PDF; 157KB)
Washington FY2013 GRP Easement Compensation document (PDF; 37KB)
Washington State NWQI Request for Projects (DOC; 48KB)
NWQI Watershed Data (XLSX; 66KB)
EQIP Presentation (PPT; 4.5MB)
Improving Investments in Ecosystem Services Presentation (PPTX; 4.4MB)
Easement Compensation Procedure for FY2013 GRP Agreements (DOC; 73KB)
WRP Plan Actions and Timeline Updated 10-15-2012 (DOC; 19KB)
Easement Compensation Procedure for FY2013 WRP Applications (PDF; 157KB)
Screening Tool for EQIP PSSRP (PDF; 92KB)
PSSRP Summary Graphs and Typical Photos (DOC; 3.8MB)
Washington Program Obligation Deadlines for FY 2013 (XLXS; 20KB)
Screening Tool for FY13 EQIP (DOC; 15KB)
Salmon Recovery Lead Entity Contact List
July 24, 2012 Agenda (DOC; 19KB) CDSI Land Use Changes
Checklist of Resource Concerns
Proposed Forest Health Hazard Warning (Eastern Okanogan and Ferry Counties)
Proposed Forest Health Hazard Warning (Klickitat and Yakima Counties)
May 22, 2012 Agenda  (DOC; 19KB)
Minutes (DOC; 24KB)
Topic Form - NM Sub-committee Update  (DOC; 12KB)
White Paper - 329 Standard  (DOC; 18KB)
WACD Position Paper - Wolf  (DOC; 42KB)
Fish Barrier Factsheet  (PDF; 609KB)
Waste Storage Factsheet  (PDF; 614KB)
PSSRP News release
Initiatives and Partnerships for Which STAC Input is Sought
March 27, 2012 Agenda  (DOC; 90KB)
Minutes  (DOC; 24KB)
2012 WQI 303d Listings and 10 & 12-digit Hydrologic Units
Central Area (Yakima River) - Map  (PDF; 5.5MB)
East Area (South Fork Palouse River) - Map  (PDF; 3.2MB)
West Area (Chehalis) - Map  (PDF;2.5MB)
West Area (Nooksak) - Map  (PDF; 1.7MB)
February 3, 2012 Agenda  (DOC; 90KB)
Minutes  (DOC; 24KB)
Connecting LWG Priorities to the State Resource Concerns  (PDF; 54KB)
FY11 Resource Concerns Summary  (PDF; 12KB)
State Resource Assessment  (SRA)  (PPTX; 7.3MB)
January 23, 2012
Special Session
Agenda (PDF; 21KB) Washington Irrigation Guide (WIG)
Idaho State Consumptive Use Rates
WIG FAQ draft  (DOCX; 25KB)
WSU WIG Presentation  (PDF; 3.8MB)
November 22, 2011 Agenda  (DOC; 26KB)
Minutes  (DOC; 23KB)
2012 National EQIP Initiatives  (PDF; 967KB)
Changes to 2012 EQIP  (PDF; 884KB)
WSP Agreement  (PDF; 1.2MB)
WREP Pilot map  (JPG; 152KB)
Forestry MOU draft  (PDF; 88KB)
September 2011 Meeting
- Cancelled

Past STAC meeting materials




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