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Klingel Salt Marsh Restoration

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Klingel Salt Marsh Restoration

Image: Aerial view of project area with winterized setback dike

Aerial view of project area with winterized setback dike.

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Hood Canal - Mason County, City of Belfair

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Partnering to restore 13 acres of pastureland to salt water estuary.

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Great Peninsula Conservancy, Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group, Hood Canal Coordinating Council, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited, Mason County and US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Resource Challenges icon
The building of a dike in the 1950s to create pastureland altered the shoreline of this Hood Canal property, diminishing its health and productivity for priority species along the canal. The project includes building a setback dike to protect local homes, businesses and a state road, excavation of historic tidal channels, then removing the historic dike and returning material to the old borrow ditch. The result will restore the land to salt water estuary, creating a habitat for salmon, crabs, oysters, river otter, raptors and water fowl.

Conservation Program Used icon
NRCS purchased a Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) easement on property owned by the Great Peninsula Conservancy.

Image: A close-up of the winterized setback dike.

A close-up of the winterized setback dike.

Innovations and Highlights icon
This project has been a combined effort by many partners to restore a priority habitat in the Hood Canal. Partners contributed their resources such as technical and design assistance, permitting and funding to return this area to a fully functional tidal marsh. Construction activities are being administered through an NRCS federal contract. Construction will be completed in two phases. Phase one took place in the fall of 2010 with the partial construction of the setback dike. Phase two, completion of the setback dike, final dike removal, and channel excavation will take place in 2011.

Results and Accomplishments icon
So far 700 feet of setback dike have been constructed. Construction was halted for the season because of weather, and the completed part of setback dike was covered. As soon as weather permits, work will proceed on the remainder of the project.

Contact icon
Molly Smith, NRCS Civil Engineer, Olympia (360) 704-7785

NRCS, Winter 2010

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