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Cooperative On-Farm Energy Efficiency

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Cooperative On-Farm Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Leverages Funding

This is a photo of Grand Coulee Dam from an airplane view

Grand Coulee Dam

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Lincoln, Grant, Adams, Franklin

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Big Bend RC&D coordinates an energy efficiency cooperative made up of CDs, Irr. Districts, Utilities and BPA for on-farm energy projects. Projects include upgrades to deep well pumps, irrigation systems, frost -free livestock waterers, upgrades to produce processing systems including dairies, wineries, etc.

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Grant Co. PUD, Lincoln CD, Warden and Moses Lake CDs, Inland Power and Electric, deep-well landowners, Franklin County Commish, Adams County Commish, NRCS.

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Utilities are mandated to conserve energy for dam re-licensing and state wide initiatives. Measures to improve on-farm energy efficiencies also are water saving measures making the CDs natural partners in this project.

Conservation Program Used icon
Funding provided by BPA and leveraged with NRCS EQIP Energy targeted funds will be used.

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CDs are funded in part by grants which assist in maintaining continuity of staff. Partnering with CDs provides trained staff to implement IWM, pump efficiencies, and accounting which are not areas of expertise an RC&D Coordinator possesses.

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CDs will be solvent for almost three years, energy efficiency will increase dramatically due to the outreach, goals for re-licensing and energy conservation initiatives will be met by the 2012 deadline.

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Andrea L. Mann, NRCS Big Bend RC&D Coordinator, Ephrata (509) 754-2463 ext. 1117

NRCS, Fall 2009