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Lincoln County Livestock Watering Facility

Livestock Watering FacilityLocation

Lincoln County, city of Creston

Project Summary

Solar powered well delivering water to two 12' diameter rubber tire troughs, approximately 1550 gallons each.

Conservation Partners

Gary and Kari McKay, father and daughter

Resource Challenges

Consistent cattle grazing using strategically placed watering sources. Practice installation in extremely shallow and rocky rangeland.

Conservation Programs Used

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).


Kari dug the pipeline trench with a backhoe through wheel barrow sized rocks, bedding pipe with clean topsoil, and achieving depth below the frost line. Her thirty six cow-calf pairs now have good clean drinking water for the entire grazing season. Kari overcame numerous obstacles to achieve a good functioning livestock watering facility. Her solar pump and troughs will provide two days of water storage for the herd.


These two troughs were placed on either side of a new cross fence that will allow better rotational use of forage for cattle. Topography, shallow and rocky soils and cultural resource considerations were major challenges in site selection and practice(s) installation. From program application to installation, including cultural resources clearance, practice completion was accomplished with a few short months.


Gary Cook, Soil Conservation Technician
Ritzville, WA
(509) 659-0254  

NRCS, Winter 2013

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