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Zumwalt Water District Pipeline

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Zumwalt Water District Pipeline

Leaky Water Line Overdue for Replacement

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Pomeroy, Garfield County

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The project proposes to replace an existing water line in rural Garfield County. Residents living along State Highway 12, just outside Pomeroy city limits, installed a 1" water line to provide service, but it was connected to the city water service. In 1979 the line was degraded and current users installed a 4" pipe, 10,000' to the area of use. The City of Pomeroy's obligation was to supply water to the waterline. The cost for water was agreed upon at one and a half times the rate charged to water users inside the Pomeroy city limits. Currently, the water line is aging and leaks. The city installed a water flow meter at the head of the Zumwalt water line. The line currently leaks between 160,000 and 200,000 gallons per month. Recent state highway construction has degraded the line efficiency further. The proposal seeks funding for water line replacement and upgrades to meet state standards. It also seeks a resolution to the residents concerns with city water; creation of either a water district, landowner improvement district or city annexation of the area.

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Zumwalt Water Users, City of Pomeroy, Garfield County, Blue Mountain RC&D Council.

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Precious drinking water resources are being wasted due to aging, faulty water pipelines and challenging political circumstances. Zumwalt Water Users realize action must be taken to conserve water resources and engage in talks with the city for a resolution that meets the needs of users and city and county government.

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USDA Rural Development water resource programs are being reviewed. The project has been submitted for consideration in Economic Stimulus funding. The Blue Mountain RC&D is working to bring parties together and minimize cost to water users.

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Coordinating with local residents and finding common ground with the city is a challenge. Solutions are still being explored.

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Zumwalt Water Users are beginning to speak to the city in a unified voice. There is still work to do and financial solutions may not meet the needs of any residents.

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Barbara Bartles, Pomeroy, (509) 843-1544
Lisa Naylor, Dayton, (509)382-8968

NRCS, Spring 2009