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Pasco Service Center Staff Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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Submitted by Glenn Riehle, Resource Conservationist, Pasco

On October 17th, the Service Center staff in Pasco, comprised of the FSA, NRCS, Franklin Conservation District (FCD) and Department of Natural Resources, gathered around the “lunch table,” and while eating learned about Fortino Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes.  Reyes is a widely popular Mexican theatre and film industry actor, once called “the greatest comedian in the world” by Charlie Chaplin.  

Additionally, with what should be an ongoing tradition, the Service Center celebrated this special emphasis lunch with the first annual Service Center - Chili Cook-Off.  One entry was submitted by all four agencies.  Andy Slipper, FSA area 4 DD (purportedly not rescheduling for Franklin County because of the free food) was nominated the unbiased vote announcer.  NRCS was declared the ultimate winner (after a tie-break taste-off between the FCD and NRCS entry leaders a late arriving Service Center employee who hadn’t eaten yet). Cries of foul-play ensued almost immediately.  A short-lived unfunded investigation however, “conclusively” showed that there was no evidence the un-named NRCS chef (Nieves Lopez) bought or coerced “friends” for any votes.  A good time was had by all.