Veterans Emphasis Program (VEP) in Washington

Veterans Emphasis Program (VEP) in Washington

Shelly Lassiter, (509) 323.2987
Washington's Veterans Emphasis Program Manager

Shelly Lassiter, Veteran's Emphasis Manager I'm Shelly Lassiter and I am your Disability and Veterans Special Emphasis Program Manager (SEPM) on the Civil Rights Advisory Committee.

As a part of the last half of the "baby boomers" generation, nearly everyone I knew while growing up was somehow affiliated by military actions either at home or abroad. I learned early on that "Freedom isn't Free". For me, military sacrifices still have a sting. It is from this place of appreciation that I dedicate time to protect our country’s founding values and to honor those who put their lives on the line for us.

As a lifetime member of the American Legion Auxiliary, I do this by telling others about the significance of respecting our flag as a symbol of our great nation. Auxiliary members pledge to do this by providing care and comfort to our veterans and by encouraging all Americans to live out their patriotism with a sense of pride for this land we call home. 

In my NRCS capacity, I am currently a soil conservationist on the Ecological Sciences staff. I started my SCS-NRCS career in Minnesota in 1983 where I served in 2 duty stations before moving to Washington in 1986. During my time in WA I have had many great work assignments and thoroughly enjoy my work.

As a member of the Civil Rights Advisory Committee (CRAC), and as a Special Emphasis Program Manager I will do my best to represent the veterans and disabled persons in Washington State.

Program Goals:

  • Assure that all veterans, particularly Vietnam Era and disabled veterans, have the full measure of employment in NRCS.
  • Encourage the participation of veterans in all NRCS programs and activities.
  • Promote the hiring and retention of veterans.

Awareness Month

Veterans don’t have a particular month. Instead, they have particular days. These days include;

  • Veterans Day (Nov.11th),
  • Pearl harbor Day (Dec.7th),
  • National Medal of Honor Day (Mar.25th),
  • Armed Forces Day (May21st),
  • Memorial Day (May 30th),
  • National POW/MIA Remembrance Day (Sept.16, 2011), and
  • National Gold Star Mothers Day (Sept.25,2011).

Veterans should be remembered year ‘round for their service and sacrifice to our country.