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Disability Emphasis Program (DEP)

Troy Dixon, (509) 323.2927
Washington's Disabilities Emphasis Program Manager

Troy Dixon

I’m Troy Dixon and have the pleasure of serving as your Disability Special Emphasis Program Manager (SEPM) on the NRCS Civil Rights Advisory Committee.

As you’re appointed Disability SEPM, I’ll assist with disability issues related to employment, retention, promotion, training, career development, reasonable accommodation and raising overall awareness.  As a member of the Civil Rights Advisory Committee (CRAC), and as a Special Emphasis Program Manager, I will work tirelessly to represent and serve persons with disabilities across the state.

A little about me.  I was recently hired as the Financial Resources Specialist with NRCS.  Prior to this position I served for nearly 20 years in various admin/budget/finance positions with the U. S. Coast Guard and U. S. Air Force, as both an active duty service member of federal civilian employee.  I’m also retired U. S. Coast Guard reserve, having served just over 26 years.  One of the most rewarding positions I’ve held was with Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest.  While attending college locally I was selected for an internship, serving in the Human Services department.  Immediately upon graduating I was hired by Goodwill and served as a Community Employment Specialist, serving persons with disabilities to gain sustainable competitive employment.  I really enjoyed my position and believe the experience will be useful serving NRCS as the Disability SEPM. 

Program Goals:

  • Provide reasonable accommodations and accessibility.
  • Encourage the participation of disabled persons in all NRCS programs and activities.
  • Recruit and retain persons with disabilities.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Promotes understanding and appreciation of individuals with disabilities.

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