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Meet Washington's Civil Rights Program Advisor

Image of WA Civil Rights Program Advisor, Assistsant State Conservationist of Programs, Peter Bautista

My name is Peter P. Bautista. Currently, I work as the Assistant State Conservationist for Operations, ASTC (O) and serve as the Civil Rights Program Advisor since 2008.

I have worked for the NRCS agency since 1992. I started my service with NRCS in the Pacific Basin, as an engineer working throughout the Western Pacific. Since then I have held various engineering positions (Design and Assistant SCE/Specialist) in Arizona, Oregon and in Washington State. During a short stint from 2003-2005, I worked as a District Conservationist in Guam, PB.

I am a Pacific Islander from Guam, Marianas Island, born and raised. I graduated from Oregon State University, with a B.S. in Bio-Resources (Ag) Engineering.

I previously served on the WA-NRCS CRAC committee in the past as the AAPI SEPM. During 2009-2011. I was honored to serve as the Asian Pacific Islander Organization President.

My advisory role on the WA-NRCS Civil Rights Advisory Committee is to support the committee with guidance on policy, process, as well as, to serve as a conduit between the State Conservationist and Leadership Team on CR issues.