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Meet Washington's Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer

Image of Wa Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer, State Conservationist, Roylene Rides at the DoorRoylene Rides at the Door was born and raised on the Blackfeet Nation in NW Montana.  Her family continues to reside on the original allotment the government assigned to her great-great-grandfather, Rides at the Door.  

She graduated from Montana State University, where she majored in range science and minored in soils.  She grew up in a traditional environment on her family’s ranch and was raised with cultural values of caring for the land. Her father’s work in natural resources and her mother’s role as a science teacher contributed to what she felt was her destiny – a career in conservation.  In her spare time, she enjoys caring for her horses, a family tradition that has spanned seven generations.

Roylene began work with NRCS 21 years ago as a trainee. After graduation, she worked full-time as a Soil Conservationist for NRCS in several field offices in Montana. A promotion to District Conservationist took her to Shelby, Montana. Her next career move took her Phoenix, Arizona where she served as the American Indian Liaison for the state.  She was promoted to Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations in  Oklahoma and then became State Conservationist in Rhode Island in 2006. In 2009, Roylene was named State Conservationist in Washington State.

“My culture teaches me that all colors are sacred. Our sacred circle includes all colors of races; red, yellow, white and black. Because of this, I understand how special all people are. This circle is not only a symbol of Mother Earth, but about life. I believe that through the work of our Civil Rights Advisory Committee, WA NRCS continues to strive to extend opportunities to all farmers and ranchers in fair and equal ways.”