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Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook and VT Supplements

  National Engineering Handbook - NEH

Part 651 Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook (AWMFH)  

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AA = Adobe Acrobat
MW = Microsoft Word

651.01 Chapter 1, Laws, Regulations, Policy and Water Quality Criteria

                Vermont Supplement None


 651.02 Chapter 2, Planning Considerations

                  2-17-1        Evaluation existing waste storage facilities


 651.03 Chapter 3, Agricultural Wastes, and Water, Air, and Animal Resources

                Vermont Supplement - None


 651.04 Chapter 4, Agricultural Waste Characteristics

                Vermont Supplements:

                    4-8-1        Dairy Manure Production Factor

                    4-23-1      Typical Values for Total Nutrient Content of Manure

                    4-A-1        Environmental Quality Tech Note N5 Silage Leachate & Water Quality

                    4-B-1        Base Flow Silage Leachate Control

                    4-C-1        Environmental Problems with Silage Effluent

                    4-D-1        AEM Reference Sheet Silage Storage


651.05 Chapter 5, Role of Soils in Waste Management

                Vermont Supplement None


651.06 Chapter 6, Role of Plans in Waste Management

                Vermont Supplement None


651.07 Chapter 7, Geologic and Ground Water Considerations

                Vermont Supplements:

                    7-25           Waste Storage Facility Flow Chart

                    7-C-1        Geology Tech Note 5 SEEPPAGE

                    7-D-1        Guidelines for the Use of Soil Liners with Ag. Waste Management Practices 


651.08 Chapter 8, Siting Agricultural Waste Management Systems

                 Vermont Supplements

                    8-31-1             Field Waste Stacking Areas - Location Criteria  (MW)


651.09 Chapter 9, Agricultural Waste Management Systems

                Vermont Supplement None


651.10 Chapter 10, Agricultural Waste Management System Component Design

                Vermont Supplements

                    10-2-1         Roof Runoff Structure Gutter Selection Size    

                    10-10-1      Guidelines for Gravity Flow Gutters for Manure Removal in Milking Barns

                    10-62-1   Sizing Animal Mortality Composting Facilities  (MW)

                    10-66-1   Milking Wastewater Infiltration System  (AA)

                    10-78-1      On-Farm Methods for Composting Livestock Carcasses ( Graves )

                    10-C-32   Calculating Runoff from Paved and Unpaved Animal Holding/Feeding Areas

                    10-D-32   Discussion of Background Considerations in the Development of Appendix 10D of the AWMFH

                    10-VT-1   (Appendix)  Slabs On Grade


651.11 Chapter 11, Waste Utilization

                Vermont Supplement None


651.12 Chapter 12, Waste Management Equipment

                Vermont Supplement None


651.13 Chapter 13, Operation, Maintenance and Safety

                Vermont Supplement None


651.14 Chapter 14, Agricultural Chemicals - None

                Vermont Supplement None


651.15 Chapter 15, Computer Software and Models

                Vermont Supplement None


651.16 Chapter 16, Sampling and Monitoring None

                Vermont Supplement None


651.17 Chapter 17, Conservation Planning None

                Vermont Supplement None


Conversion Factors and Tables

                Vermont Supplement None



                Vermont Supplement None