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Using VT Practice Component Average Cost Tables

Using Conservation Practice Component Average Cost Data

The Vermont engineering and agronomic practice component cost data is a list of detailed itemized work and material costs.  The list is available by Vermont zip code.  The state of Vermont is divided into 9 zip code regions.  A majority of the costs are adjusted by region due to varying labor and material costs.   

This cost data is only an estimate of the actual cost of each individual component at the time the data was gathered.  Fluctuations in the component costs will occur based on inflation and other influences.

To develop a cost estimate for a specific conservation practice,  the user needs to determine the amounts and types of work and materials (often referred to as a bill of materials) needed to construct the project.  

Once the bill of materials is developed, the user can use the appropriate zip code region cost table, determine the component name which most closely relates to the bill of materials, and use the cost per unit associated with that component name.  Cost per unit is multiplied by the planned amount to be implemented to get a total cost for the component.  All component costs are then added together to determine the overall practice cost estimate.