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Vermont Statewide Resource Assessment





During the spring of 2011, NRCS Vermont State Office staff developed spreadsheets and maps for 17 different resource concerns, out of 31 total resource concerns the agency considers strategic issues for natural resource protection. The 17 topics the staff analyzed with state-wide geographic data cover concerns in soil erosion, water quality, wildlife habitat, air quality, livestock health, and energy efficiency in farming operations.

The maps resulting from this assessment show areas of priority concern in Vermont toward which conservation practices and funding will be directed over the next three years, and gives NRCS Vermont staff data on the extent of the problems in their counties. The maps and data will be used as planning tools for workload and budgeting nationwide by NRCS.

NRCS Vermont staff will be working with our partners to improve the data layers, analysis procedures and prioritization over the course of 2011-2012. The maps included on this page are a subset of the map catalog created from the State Resource Assessment. Any questions, comments, or additional map requests should be sent to Reed Sims, Vermont State GIS Specialist,


SRA Maps

This page provides links to Vermont maps created by VT NRCS during the 2011 State Resource Assessment (SRA).

The following documents require  Adobe Reader .

Degraded Plant Condition (Structure and Composition) of Wetlands (PDF; 378 KB)

Concentrated Flow Erosion of Cropland (PDF; 226 KB)

Sheet and Rill Erosion on Cropland (PDF; 288 KB)

Inadequate Livestock Feed/Forage on Pasture Land  (PDF; 360 KB)

Water Quality Degradation - Nutrients on Cropland (PDF;446 KB)

Water Quality Degradation - Nutrients on Pasture Land (PDF; 473 KB)

Inadequate Wildlife Habitat on Cropland (PDF; 325 KB)

Inadequate Wildlife Habitat on Forestland (PDF; 306 KB)

Water Quality Degradation - Sediment on Cropland (PDF; 434 KB)