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CAP- Conservation Activity Plan Support Docs

Conservation Activity Plan Support Documents

This page provides documents which support Technical Service Provider development of Conservation Activity Plans.

Document types include:  CAP Technical Criteria, CAP Technical Criteria Checklists and CAP Plan Templates.

These documents are also available in Section III of the Vermont electronic Field Office Technical Guide.


The Technical Criteria documents establish the minimum criteria to be addressed in the development of each specific type of CAP plan.

VT NRCS Forest Management CAP Plans (106) will be developed using the Vermont Conservation Activity Plan Checklist 106 as a guide.  In addition, the TSP will certify that they have met the NRCS Forest Management Conservation Activity Plan requirements by completing the checklist and signing at the top of page 2.  Please review the following fact sheets concerning Plan Development  and Applications/Contracts.  

The following documents require Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader

AA = Adobe Acrobat
MW = Microsoft Word

NA = Not Available.


CAP Name CAP Code

Document Type

Technical Criteria Field Office and TSP Checklist (National) Vermont CAP Plan Checklist CAP Plan Template
Agricultural Energy Management Activity Plan  (122 & 128 have been combined) 128 AA  (Aug 2015) NA AA (Aug 2015) NA
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan 102 AA  (Aug 2015) AA  (Jan 2013) NA NA
Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition 138 AA  (Sept 2014) NA NA



(Sept 2014)

Drainage Water Management Plan 130 AA (May 2013) NA NA NA

Feed Management Plan

108 AA  (no date) NA NA NA
Forest Management Activity Plan (did have 2014 draft version for technical criteria  - now going back to 2012 version) 106 AA  

(Aug 2012)
NA AA (VT Mar 2015) AA (Sept18, 2014)

AA (Sept 14, 2014)

AA (Sept 14, 2014)

Grazing Conservation Activity Plan 110 AA  (Aug 2012) AA  (Jan 2013) NA NA
Irrigation Water Management Plan 118 AA  (Aug 2012) AA  (Jan 2013) NA NA
Integrated Pest Management Plan 114 AA (Apr 2013) AA (Jan 2013) NA AA  (Aug 2012)

Prescribed Burning Plan (back in use)

112 AA (June 2013) NA NA NA
Nutrient Management Plan 104 AA (Sep 2015) AA (Jan 2013) NA NA
Fish & Wildlife Habitat Plan 142 AA  (Aug 2012) NA NA NA
Pollinator Habitat Enhancement Plan 146 AA  (Aug 2012) NA NA NA
SPCC Spill Prevention & Countermeasure Plan        (NOT offered in FY15) 150 AA NA NA NA