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 Information on Pollinators

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Pollinators such as honey bees, bumble bees and bats are in trouble around the globe. Many agricultural crops need pollinators to produce fruits or seeds. Pollinator populations are in decline which means a wide variety of agricultural crops are under threat. Without pollinators, the choice of food crops would be very limited. More than 35 percent of global agricultural production, including more than 100 crop species, is either somewhat or completely dependent upon pollinators. It is important to ensure native & introduced pollinators (such as honey bees) can thrive.  Emphasizing Conservation Practices that mitigate the potential negative impacts of pesticides on pollinator populations is essential.  Encouraging plantings of wildflowers, trees, shrubs, and grasses  that are suitable forage plants for pollinators is another crucial step to avert population declines of these vital insects and animals and need to be included in Conservation Planning.

Contact your local NRCS office to find out how to attract pollinators to your farm, ranch or home.

Useful Publications:

Saving Pollinators - This document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (2.4 MB pdf).   "Preventing or Mitigating Potential Negative Impacts of Pesticides on Pollinators- Using Integrated Pest Management and Other Conservation Practices"

Useful Websites:

NRCS National Website -  Pollinator Info