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The Mentor Program at Vermont NRCS

VT NRCS Mentor ProgramThe Mentor Program capitalizes on the experience of NRCS employees who volunteer to serve on a one-on-one basis as mentors. It is not the mentor's role to take the place of a supervisor on any issue, nor to be looking over the supervisor's shoulder. A mentor is a trusted counselor or guide, teacher or coach. When a mentor is assigned, they should plan on a one year period for interaction. The mentor relationship can go beyond the one year timeframe if both parties chose to do so.

Vermont NRCS is continuing to cooperate with NRCS in the other 5 New England states to deliver the Mentor Program. NRCS policy requires new supervisors, Pathway Interns and Pathway Graduates to have Mentors.  Federal NRCS employees not in these categories may also benefit from having a Mentor and are welcome to apply (with Supervisor approval.)

Objectives of the VT Mentor Program

  • Provide an opportunity for new NRCS employees to gain an overview of the agency and understand how they fit into the organization.
  • Provide additional career counseling to new employees.
  • Enhance job satisfaction of new employees and mentors.
  • Increase networking opportunities for new employees with personnel at all levels within NRCS.

Requirements to Serve as a Mentor/Protégé:

  • Commit one year of time to participate in the formal Mentor Program.
  • Participate in Mentor Aglearn Training and other associated training requirements.

How to Apply Via the USDA Mentor Portal 

Note: The Portal does not support Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Due to compatibility issues, we request that you use the Internet Explorer browser to access the site.

NRCS Mentor Portal Access Procedure:

  1. Obtain supervisor permission to participate.
  2. Access the USDA Mentoring Portal by navigating to                                                                                                                                                                               

On the Portal homepage, select the "Login" link from the left access menu.  You will be taken to the USDA eAuthentication login page.  After successful login. You will then follow the steps below to request the required initial access.

  1. Select the "Request Access to Portal" link.  You will be taken to the Request Access page.
  2. Enter your information as requested.
  3. Scroll to select your respective agency from the choice list. Use your mouse to select and highlight your agency. Note: Once you select your agency, the "Org Unit" field will be populated with the associated organizational units that belong to the selected agency.
  4. Scroll to select your organization unit(s).  Use your mouse to select and highlight the appropriate organizational unit.
  5. Click the "Submit Request" button.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

QUESTIONS? Contact VT's Mentor Program Coordinator

Corey Brink

District Conservationist, Northwest Zone

27 Fisher Pond Road, Suite 1

Saint Albans, VT  05478

802-524-6505 ext. 118