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Vermont NRCS Employee and Volunteer Success Stories

Want to become an Earth Team Volunteer?

NRCS is looking for groups, individuals, retirees, foreign volunteers, and students (14 years of age or older) to work together to conserve our precious natural resources. Get Involved


Vermont's Earth Team Volunteers

Vermont NRCS Earth Team Volunteer Tim McCoyThe Earth Team program is often an introduction of the agency to some of the nation’s best and brightest citizens who want to help improve the environment. Many NRCS employees start out as volunteers with the Earth Team. This benefits the agency by gaining new employees who already have some training under their belt. Recent volunteer, Timothy McCoy, was hired as a Soil Conservation Technician in February of 2014.



Earth Team Volunteer in VermontWhy I Joined NRCS’ Earth Team and What I Got Out of It, by Jesse Baum, University of Vermont, Burlington

"I wanted to be the “cheerleader” (as my supervisor, NRCS Public Information Coordinator Amy Overstreet, described it) for progressive environmental action. I wanted to be able to write and work on design that might help protect and improve Vermont’s landscape. If part of the problem was the feeling that environmentalism has to be negative, that working towards sustainability is too arduous or simply unattainable, I wanted to help change that." Read more...


Archeological Site Protection within WRP Easements

Staff Digging Wetland Test PitOnce an archeological site has been destroyed it can never be recreated again. The information contained within a site reveals how ancient Native Americans lived and interacted within the natural environment. When the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) acquires a Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) easement, any archeological site(s) contained within that parcel is protected by conditions set in place within the easement.



Celebrating Vermont Wetlands: Restoring Habitat for Rare Species

A Pied-billed Grebe is seen nesting in a wetland conserved under the NRCS WRP programA Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) project that deserves distinct praise can be found just north of Route 73 in Brandon and Sudbury. It is here where conservationists recently discovered nesting Pied-billed Grebes.

Read more....



NRCS Employees Provide Customer Outreach at SolarFest

 Solar pannel powers a display at SolarFest in Tinmouth Vermont

Vermont NRCS employees promoted energy audits and energy efficient agricultural management practices at the 16th annual SolarFest in Tinmouth, Vermont.




Vermont USDA Employees Honored for their Work

Senator Sanders presents Bob Thompson of NRCS and Cheryl Ducharme of RD with the 2011 Support of Agriculture Award

Bob Thompson of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Cheryl Ducharme of Rural Development (RD) were honored at the Federal Executive Association annual awards celebration by receiving the 2011 Support of Agriculture Award. The two were nominated for their efforts to partner across agency lines to improve communication and coordination for the installation of methane digesters.




Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack visits Vermont.

On Saturday February 13, 2010, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack visited the state of Vermont.  Accompanied by Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Patrick Leahy, and Representative Peter Welch, Secretary Vilsack addressed a dairy town meeting in Burlington, the Northeast Organic Farming Association annual meeting at the University of Vermont, and the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery annual meeting in St Albans.


A Walk on the Wild Side

With Wildlife Habitat Improvement funds and a lot of ambition NRCS Conservation Technician Sally Eugair set out to prove that enthusiasm can be contagious.


Vermont Water Quality Project Restores Riverbanks

It was a hard sell, but four farmers and other farmland owners are participating in a project that is the first of its kind in the state.