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Wetlands Workshop

Wetlands Workshop: Delineation, Function & Protection

May 16, 2011  Morning Presentations at University of Vermont  (UVM)

& Afternoon Field Sessions

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Livak Room  - Davis Center

Vermont Natural Wetland Communities

Explore the rich diversity of the many wetland environments found in Vermont

Eric Sorenson & Elizabeth Thompson (authors of Wetland, Woodland,  Wildland & Charles Ferree Boston Office of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) (PDF 3,058k)


Livak Room  - Davis Center

Mapping wetlands: many agencies, many types of maps

This session covers how State and Federal mapping protocols continue to evolve, Vermont New State Wetland Rules, mapping methodologies  at various scales & available wetland related map resources

Shannon Morrison Agency of Natural Resources (PDF 10,484K);

Caroline Alves VT Natural Resources Conservation Service  (NRCS) (PDF 2,687k)


Chittenden Room - Davis Center

Wetland Plants & Updated Plant List

Techniques & references  used to analyze the vegetative composition when making wetland determinations 

Paul Minkin - Army Corps Of Engineers  (PDF 5,383k)



Jeffords Hall 234

The effect of  Climate Change on Wetlands

With predicted changes in temperature, rainfall and lake levels, how might climate change impact Vermont's wetlands?

Rose Paul - VT  Nature Conservancy (PDF 4,166k)


Livak Room  - Davis Center

Basics of Wetland Soil Identification & The New Regional Indicators

How to identify common hydric soils features & updated guidance on soil indicators in the new regionalized Wetlands Manual

Joe Homer NH Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) (PDF 16,197k)


Chittenden Room - Davis Center

Regulations: the take home message & Interagency Coordination

The discussion will cover State & Federal wetland regulation coordination and which Agency has jurisdiction in which situation

Panel Discussion:  Kip Potter - VT -NRCS; Marty Abair - Army Corps Of Engineers; Alan Quackenbush - State Wetlands Coordinator


Jeffords Hall 234

EPA National Wetland Condition Assessment Initiative & Wetland Protection: a coordinated approach from Ducks Unlimited 

The Environmental Protection Agency will be conducting a survey of the Nation Wetlands what is the goal and who will benefit from this information?  In the 2nd portion of this session, learn about a new program to deliver Wetlands Mitigation Services in VT.

Jeanne Voorhees EPA (PDF 1,551k);

April Moulaert - Waterscapes LLC (PDF 781k)


convene in Livak Room  - Davis Center  head directly to the field

Managing Invasive Plants that Threaten Wetland Communities

Types of wetland invasives & management strategies this field trip will examine a degraded site and cover implementing an invasive plant management plan

Paul Marangelo - VT  Nature Conservancy (FIELD TRIP)


convene in Chittenden Room - Davis Center

Constructed Wetlands

How can artificially created  environments mimic natural wetlands and perform the same functions?

Dave Whitney - UVM &
Eamon Twohig VM


convene in Jeffords Hall

Wetland Restoration and Enhancement

Improvement and management strategies to enhance existing wetlands

Ryan Crehan - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FIELD TRIP)


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