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Soil CD Products

Available CD Products

Printed, hardcopy soil survey publications are generally no longer available in Vermont. The Web Soil Survey offers viewable digital maps on-line and is the main source for ready-made, seamless soil maps covering the whole state that are current.

Note:  The County CD products will no longer be updated - limited copies are still available. These CDs were created to replace the published county surveys prior to the launch of the Web Soil Survey site. 

Theme CDs

Theme CDs will be kept current as staff time allows.

Theme-based CDs provide pre-made maps, data and explanations in a Vermont context. These CDs are particularly useful to individuals who are not well versed in soils terminology and find the vast array of data that is available bewildering. Theme-based CDs compile all relevant soils information on a specialized topic in a user-friendly format conveniently on a CD.

To read these CD products you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher) & a Web Browser

Currently there is only one Theme-based CD: The Vermont Important Farmland CD. This CD has been updated to include the revised ratings from Sept. 2005

Vermont Important Farmlands CD

The Important Farmland CD explains how the criteria are derived. It also has maps and legends of Prime and Statewide soils for each county. To order please contact...

Caroline Alves
phone 802-288-8155 ext 203