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Vermont NRCS Focuses on Soil Quality

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In agricultural lands, improving soil health is accomplished by implementing Soil Health Management Systems that:

  1. 1.  Disturb the soil as little as possible
  2. 2.  Grow as many different species of plans as practical
  3. 3.  Keep living plants in the soil as much as possible
  4. 4.  Keep the soil covered year-round

Agricultural Soil Health Management Systems include practices such as no-till or reduced tillage, cover crops, advanced nutrient, pest and livestock management, crop rotations, and buffers where appropriate, used together as a system. Other practices can also help improve the soil health on Vermont's grasslands and in Vermont's forestlands. The goal is to achieve improved soil health and long-term productivity on land throughout Vermont and to reduce soil erosion, increase soil organic matter and improve water quality.

Educate Yourself on Soil Quality!

Download NRCS soil health educational brochures by clicking the links below to discover how healthy, productive soils benefit all of us.

Basics & Benefits

Dig a Little, Learn a Lot

Do Not Disturb

Discover the Cover

Learn more about how to unlock your farm's potential by visiting the NRCS national website.