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Iron County Resource Assessment

Iron County Resource Assessment

Iron County is comprised of approximately 2,110,720 acres and is in the Southwestern corner of Utah. Seventy Seven percent of the county is public land or urban lands. Most Federal Public Land is administered by the United States Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Much of the State Land is administered by the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR).

Major land uses in the county include range, alfalfa and grass hay, corn and small grain crops, hog production facilities, forest production, and industrial and urban areas, Recreational uses are also common activities both on private and public lands. Elevation and Land Cover are diverse within the county.

Elevation and Land Cover are diverse within the county. Elevations range from over 11,000 feet in the Markagunt Plateau found on the Eastern side of the county down to 5,000 feet in the Escalante Desert. The county is surrounded by four mountain ranges which drain into the Escalante Desert. Due to the variability of Elevation, Precipitation, Land Cover and Land Uses are also quit variable.

The higher elevations support Sub Alpine Meadows, Conifer and Aspen Forests. These areas receive from 25 to 40 inches of precipitation annually. Middle elevations support Mixed Forest Communities, Mountain Shrub Lands and Pinion/Juniper forests. Precipitation in the Mixed Forest Communities ranges from 15 to 25 inches. Lower elevations support Semi-Desert and Salt Desert Rangelands and receive 8 to 15 inches of precipitation. It is in this lower elevation where cropland and irrigated pastures are found. Irrigated lands utilize water from mountain stream runoff or from underground aquifers.

Iron County Land Use Map

Complete Assessment - Land Use Statistics

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Iron County, Utah Resource Assessment (PDF, 933 KB)

Summary Assessment - Land Use Statistics

Land Use Acres
Forest 907,610
Grass/Pasture/Haylands/Croplands 75,000
Shrub/Rangeland 1,064,773
Water/Wetlands 21,107
Developed/Urban 42,214
County Total 2,110,704