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Garfield County Resource Assessment

Garfield County Resource Assessment

Garfield County is located in the South Central Section of Utah. It lies approximately 36 miles north of the Utah-Arizona line and 370 miles south of the Utah-Idaho line. The main highway running north and south through the county is U.S. Highway 89. Scenic Byway 12 runs east and west through the county. This county is famous for many National and State Parks; Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Calf Creek, Escalante Canyons, Anasazi Village, Petrified Forest , and Kodachrome Basin to name a few. Because of this most of the land in Garfield County is publicly owned.

The fifth largest county in the State of Utah, Garfield County has an area of 3,338,880 acres, is approximately 150 miles from east to west, and 43 miles from north to south. Only 4 percent of Garfield County is private land. The population is about 4,500.

Average January Temperatures: 24 degrees F; average July temperatures: 66 degrees F; average precipitation: 10.3 inches.

Garfield County Land Use Map

Complete Assessment - Land Use Statistics

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Garfield County, Utah Resource Assessment (PDF, 858 KB)

Summary Assessment - Land Use Statistics

Land Use Acres
Forest 1,036,581
Grain Crops 1,400
Grass/Pasture/Haylands 20,300
Shrub/Rangeland 2,139,677
Water/Wetlands (approx) 32,150
Developed 27,000
County Total 3,257,108