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Duchesne County Resource Assessment

Duchesne County Resource Assessment

Utah's Duchesne County is located on the south slope and foothills of the longest east-west mountain range in the continental United States, known as the Uinta Mountains. Located between Denver and Salt Lake City, the County's scenic attractions and unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities attract thousands of visitors. The High Uinta Wilderness, including its many rivers, streams, and lakes, and the western end of the mineral-rich Roan and Book Cliff mountains are located within short driving distances from county locations. The rich history and culture of the area is evident throughout the county. Many amenities are available, such as the outstanding 18-hole golf course in Roosevelt City and Starvation State Park Reservoir near the community of Duchesne, offering 3,500 acres of fishing and boating. The Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation lies within and adjacent to the county boundaries, and there are many joint ventures between county and tribal governments. County leaders and residents carry on in the spirit of their pioneer ancestors, building for the future and fostering innovation and excellence in schools, business, industry and government.

Duchesne County is the western most county in Northeastern Utah and is bordered by Uintah County on the east. It encompasses an area of 3,238 square miles, or 3.94 percent of the state's area. Elevations range from 4,251 to 13,528 feet at Kings Peak (the highest point in the state). Fifty-four percent of the county land base is managed by state and federal government agencies; 27 percent is private and 18 percent is part of the Uintah & Ouray Indian Reservation.

Duchesne County Land Use Map

Complete Assessment - Land Use Statistics

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Duchesne County, Utah Resource Assessment (PDF, .05 MB)

Summary Assessment - Land Use Statistics

Land Use Acres
Forest 400,000
Grain Crops 3,500
Conservation Reserve Program 0
Grass/Pasture/Haylands 130,000
Orchards/Vineyards 0
Row Crops 0
Shrub/Rangeland 9,450,000
Water 13,000
Wetlands 7,500
Developed 5,000
County Total 13,609,000