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Construction and Material Specifications

Construction and Material Specifications | Utah NRCS

Operation and Maintenance Documents (O&M) | Utah NRCS

These specifications have been approved by the State Conservation Engineer for use in Utah NRCS Conservation Practices.

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Table of Contents


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MISC-A Cover Sheet
MISC-B Table of Contents
MISC-C General Requirements
MISC-D Specific Requirements
CS-UT-234 Dormant Stock Plantings
CS-UT-233 Live Brush Mats & Layers
CS-UT-232 Live Faschine
CS-UT-236 Log Crib
CS-UT-231 Live Stakes
CS-UT-235 Tree Revetment
CS-UT-243 Concrete Canal Lining
CS-UT-31 Concrete for Minor Structures
CS-UT-23 Earth Fill
CS-UT-21 Excavation
CS-UT-201 Excavation & Backfill of Trenches for Conduits and Pipelines
CS-UT-202 Piping through Embankments
     Earthwork, Misc.
CS-UT-221 Diversion
CS-UT-222 Grassed Waterway
CS-UT-223 Land Leveling
CS-UT-224 Terraces
     Irrigation (Contains most of the specs and materials needed for typical installations)
CS-UT-281 Micro Irrigation
CS-UT-282 Sprinkler System (Pivot)
CS-UT-283 Sprinkler System (Wheel Lines/Hand Lines)
CS-UT-284 Stockwater Pipelines and Troughs
     Site Preparation
CS-UT-01 Clearing
CS-UT-02 Clearing and Grubbing
CS-UT-11 Removal of Water
CS-UT-206 Stripping
CS-UT-03 Structure Removal
CS-UT-251 Cathodic Protection
CS-UT-252 Conduit and Pipelines
CS-UT-267 Construction Fabrics
CS-UT-265 Drainage Filter
CS-UT-266 Erosion Control Blankets
CS-UT-97 HDPE and LLDPE Liner
CS-UT-81 Metal Fabrication
CS-UT-82 Painting Metalwork
CS-UT-84 Painting Woodwork
CS-UT-262 Pump
CS-UT-290 Renewable Energy
CS-UT-272 Ripping and Shanking HDPE Pipes
CS-UT-256 Rock Structures
CS-UT-257 Rock Surfacing
CS-UT-271 Roof Gutters and Downspouts
CS-UT-83 Timber Fabrication
CS-UT-253 Valves and Meters
CS-UT-263 Variable Speed Drives (VFD)
CS-UT-260 Well
CS-UT-261 Well Decommissioning/Abandonment
CS-UT-64 Wire Mesh Gabions
MS-210 Aggregate Filters
MS-222 Artificial Liner
MS-211 Beddings
MS-203 Concrete
MS-201 Concrete Aggregates
MS-208 Corrugated Plastic Tile
MS-219 Erosion Control Blankets
MS-215 Galvanizing
MS-214 Metal, Structural
MS-202 Portland Cement
MS-221 Preformed Expansion Joint Filler
MS-212 Rock
MS-213 Steel Reinforcement
MS-216 Structural Timber and Lumber
MS-217 Wood Preservatives and Treatment
MS-209 Woven and Non-Woven Fabrics
OM-UT-560 Access Road
OM-UT-575 Animal Trails and Walkways
OM-UT-450 Anionic Polyacrylamide PAM Application
OM-UT-584 Channel Stabilization
OM-UT-362 Clearing and Snagging
OM-UT-317 Composting
OM-UT-716 Conservation Power Plant
OM-UT-402 Dams
OM-UT-348 Dams Diversion
OM-UT-356 Dike
OM-UT-362 Diversion
OM-UT-410 Grade Stabilization Structure
OM-UT-412 Grassed Waterway
OM-UT-561 Heavy Use Area Protection
OM-UT-423 Hillside Ditch
OM-UT-320 Irrigation Canal or Lateral
OM-UT-388 Irrigation Field Ditch
OM-UT-464 Irrigation Land Leveling
OM-UT-436 Irrigation Reservoir
OM-UT-441 Irrigation System, Micro Irrigation
OM-UT-442 Irrigation System, Sprinkler
OM-UT-443 Irrigation System, Surface and Sub-surface
OM-UT-447 Irrigation System, Tailwater Recovery
OM-UT-428 Irrigation Ditch Lining
OM-UT-430 Irrigation Pipeline
OM-UT-460 Land Clearing
OM-UT-466 Land Smoothing
OM-UT-468 Lined Waterway or Outlet
OM-UT-500 Obstruction Removal
OM-UT-582 Open Channel
OM-UT-516 Pipeline
OM-UT-378 Pond
OM-UT-521 Pond Sealing (a, b, c, d)
OM-UT-462 Precision Land Forming
OM-UT-533 Pumping Plant
OM-UT-566 Recreational Land Grading
OM-UT-568 Recreational Trails and Walkways
OM-UT-555 Rock Barrier
OM-UT-558 Roof Runoff Structure
OM-UT-350 Sediment Basin
OM-UT-574 Spring Development
OM-UT-580 Streambank Protection
OM-UT-587 Structure for Water Control
OM-UT-606 Subsurface Drain
OM-UT-607 Surface Drain
OM-UT-608 Surface Drainage Main or Lateral
OM-UT-600 Terrace
OM-UT-620 Underground Outlet
OM-UT-313 Waste Storage Facility
OM-UT-359 Waste Treatment Lagoon
OM-UT-636 Water Harvesting Catchment
OM-UT-614 Watering Facility
OM-UT-638 Water and Sediment Control Basin
OM-UT-640 Water Spreading
OM-UT-642 Water Well
OM-UT-351 Well Decommissioning