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Construction and Material Specifications

Construction and Material Specifications | Utah NRCS

Operation and Maintenance Documents (O&M) | Utah NRCS

Quality Assurance and Design Report Template Documents | Utah NRCS

These specifications have been approved by the State Conservation Engineer for use in Utah NRCS Conservation Practices.

The following files require  Microsoft Word



zipped file file containing all of the files listed below (it is to be placed in folder called c:\EngineeringSpecs)
Read Me General information
Table of Contents Creating a table of contents using word
MISC-A Cover Sheet
MISC-B Table of Contents - TOOL
MISC-C General Requirements
MISC-D Specific Requirements
Design Report Template Design Report Template
CS-UT-SG Sage Grouse Specification
Sage Grouse Map Sage Grouse Map
RR-UT-01 Roles and Responsibilities
QA-UT-01 Irrigation System, Sprinklers
QA-UT-02 Irrigation System, Surface
QA-UT-03 Irrigation System, Micro/Drip
QA-UT-04 Stock Water Pipelines, Tanks and Troughs
QA-UT-05 Terraces
QA-UT-06 Irrigation Ponds and Reservoirs
QA-UT-07 Animal Waste Ponds and Reservoirs
QA-UT-08 Large Concrete Structures / Animal Waste Structures
QA-UT-09 Rock Structures
QA-UT-10 Stream Work
QA-UT-11 QA Template
CS-UT-234 Dormant Stock Plantings
CS-UT-233 Live Brush Mats & Layers
CS-UT-232 Live Fascine
CS-UT-231 Live Stakes
CS-UT-236 Log Cribs
CS-UT-235 Tree Revetment
CS-UT-237 Agronomic Requirements
CS-UT-243 Concrete Canal Lining
CS-UT-31 Concrete for Minor Structures
CS-UT-23 Earth Fill
CS-UT-21 Excavation
CS-UT-201 Excavation & Backfill of Trenches for Conduits and Pipelines
CS-UT-202 Piping through Embankments
     Earthwork, Misc.
CS-UT-221 Diversion
CS-UT-222 Grassed Waterway
CS-UT-223 Land Leveling
CS-UT-224 Terraces
     Irrigation Stockwater pipelines (Contains most of the specs and materials needed for typical installations)
CS-UT-281 Micro Irrigation (Drip and Spray)
CS-UT-282 Sprinkler System (Pivot)
CS-UT-283 Sprinkler System (Wheel Lines/Hand Lines)
CS-UT-284 Stockwater Pipelines and Troughs
CS-UT-291 Surface Irrigation Risers
     Site Preparation
CS-UT-01 Clearing
CS-UT-02 Clearing and Grubbing
CS-UT-11 Removal of Water
CS-UT-206 Stripping
CS-UT-03 Structure Removal
CS-UT-251 Cathodic Protection
CS-UT-252 Conduit and Pipelines
CS-UT-267 Construction Fabrics
CS-UT-265 Drainage Filter
CS-UT-266 Erosion Control Blankets
CS-UT-97 HDPE and LLDPE Liner
CS-UT-81 Metal Fabrication
CS-UT-82 Painting Metalwork
CS-UT-84 Painting Woodwork
CS-UT-262 Pump
CS-UT-268 Pump (Solar)
CS-UT-290 Renewable Energy
CS-UT-272 Ripping and Shanking HDPE Pipes
CS-UT-256 Rock Structures
CS-UT-257 Rock Surfacing
CS-UT-271 Roof Gutters and Downspouts
CS-UT-83 Timber Fabrication
CS-UT-253 Valves and Meters
CS-UT-263 Variable Speed Drives (VFD)
CS-UT-260 Well
CS-UT-261 Well Decommissioning/Abandonment
CS-UT-64 Wire Mesh Gabions
CS-65 Articulating Concrete Block Revetment System
CS-54 Boring and Jacking
CS-04 Channel Clearing and Shaping
CS-43 Clay Pipe
CS-01 Clearing
CS-02 Clearing and Grubbing
CS-91 Chain-Link Fence
CS-31 Concrete for Major Structures
CS-42 Concrete Pipe Conduits and Drains
CS-35 Concrete Repair
CS-99 Conduit Abandonment
CS-85 Conduit Slip Lining
CS-07 Construction Surveys
CS-94 Contractor Quality Control
CS-51 Corrugated Metal Pipe
CS-44 Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe
CS-27 Diversions and Waterways
CS-24 Drainfill
CS-53 Ductile-Iron Pipe
CS-23 Earthfill
CS-21 Excavation
CS-92 Field Fence
CS-96 Field Office
CS-64 Gabions and Gabion Mattresses
CS-97 Geomembrane Liner
CS-98 Geosynthetic Clay Liner
CS-95 Geotextile
CS-62 Grouted Rock Riprap
CS-93 Identification Markers and Plaques
CS-28 Lime-Treated Earthfill
CS-81 Metal Fabrication and Installation
CS-08 Mobilization and Demobilization
CS-82 Painting and Metalwork
CS-84 Painting Woodwork
CS-13 Piling
CS-45 Plastic Pipe
CS-05 Pollution Control
CS-14 Pressure Grouting
CS-41 Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe Conduits
CS-12 Relief Wells
CS-11 Removal of Water
CS-61 Rock Riprap
CS-25 Rockfill
CS-36 Roller Compacted Concrete
CS-06 Seeding. Sprigging, and Mulching
CS-33 Shotcrete
CS-29 Soil Cement
CS-34 Steel Reinforcement
CS-52 Steel Pipe
CS-32 Structure Concrete
CS-03 Structure Removal
CS-46 Tile Drains
CS-83 Timber Fabrication and Installation
CS-26 Topsoiling
CS-09 Traffic Control
CS-63 Treatment of Rock Surfaces
CS-71 Water Control Gates
CS-10 Water for Construction
MS-211 Bedding
MS-219 Erosion Control Blanket
MS-521 Aggregates for Drainfill and Filters
MS-522 Aggregates for Portland Cement
MS-524 Aggregates for Roller Compacted Concrete
MS-552 Aluminum Corrugated Pipe
MS-514 Cast In-Place Concrete Piles
MS-533 Chemical Admixtures for Concrete
MS-544 Clay Pipe and Drain Tile
MS-583 Coal Tar Epoxy Paint
MS-551 Coated Corrugated Steel Pipe
MS-542 Concrete Culvert Pipe
MS-534 Concrete Curing Compound
MS-548 Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe
MS-553 Ductile Iron Pipe
MS-591 Field Fencing Materials
MS-572 Flap Gates, Metal
MS-582 Galvanizing
MS-594 Geomembrane Liner
MS-595 Geosynthetic Clay Liner
MS-592 Geotextile
MS-593 Lime
MS-581 Metal
MS-538 Metallic Waterstops
MS-537 Nonmetallic Waterstops
MS-543 Nonreinforced Concrete Pipe
MS-547 Plastic Pipe
MS-531 Portland Cement
MS-513 Precast Concrete Piles
MS-535 Preformed Expansion Joint Filler
MS-573 Radial Gates
MS-541 Reinforced Concrete Pipe
MS-523 Rock for Riprap
MS-536 Sealing Compound for Joints for Concrete and Concrete Pipes
MS-571 Slide Gates
MS-511 Steel Piles
MS-554 Steel Pipe
MS-539 Steel Reinforcement (for Concrete)
MS-584 Structural Timber and Lumber
MS-532 Supplementary Cementitious Materials
MS-512 Wood Piles
MS-585 Wood Preservatives and Treatment
OM-UT-560 Access Road
OM-UT-309 Agrichemical Handling Facility
OM-UT-591 Amendments for Treatment of Agricultural Waste
OM-UT-366 Anaerobic Digester
OM-UT-316 Animal Mortality Facility
OM-UT-450 Anionic Polyacrylamide (PAM) Application
OM-UT-397 Aquaculture Ponds
OM-UT-672 Building Envelope Improvement
OM-UT-584 Channel Stabilization
OM-UT-362 Clearing and Snagging
OM-UT-317 Composting Facility
OM-UT-656 Constructed Wetlands
OM-UT-402 Dams
OM-UT-348 Dams Diversion
OM-UT-356 Dike
OM-UT-362 Diversion
OM-UT-432 Dry Hydrant
OM-UT-374 Farmstead Energy Improvement
OM-UT-655 Forest Trails and Landings
OM-UT-410 Grade Stabilization Structure
OM-UT-412 Grassed Waterway
OM-UT-561 Heavy Use Area Protection
OM-UT-423 Hillside Ditch
OM-UT-320 Irrigation Canal or Lateral
OM-UT-388 Irrigation Field Ditch
OM-UT-464 Irrigation Land Leveling
OM-UT-436 Irrigation Reservoir
OM-UT-441 Irrigation System, Micro Irrigation
OM-UT-443 Irrigation System, Surface and Sub-surface
OM-UT-447 Irrigation System, Tailwater Recovery
OM-UT-428 Irrigation Ditch Lining
OM-UT-430 Irrigation Pipeline
OM-UT-449 Irrigation Water Management
OM-UT-460 Land Clearing
OM-UT-466 Land Smoothing
OM-UT-468 Lined Waterway or Outlet
OM-UT-670 Lighting System Improvement
OM-UT-516 Livestock Pipeline
OM-UT-353 Monitoring Well
OM-UT-500 Obstruction Removal
OM-UT-319 On-Farm Secondary Containment System
OM-UT-582 Open Channel
OM-UT-378 Pond
OM-UT-521 Pond Sealing (a, b, c, d)
OM-UT-462 Precision Land Forming
OM-UT-533 Pumping Plant
OM-UT-533a Pumping Plant, Solar Components
OM-UT-562 Recreation Area Improvement
OM-UT-566 Recreational Land Grading and Shaping
OM-UT-555 Rock Barrier
OM-UT-558 Roof Runoff Structure
OM-UT-367 Roofs and Covers
OM-UT-350 Sediment Basin
OM-UT-318 Short Term Storage of Animal Waste Byproducts
OM-UT-572 Spoil Spreading
OM-UT-574 Spring Development
OM-UT-442 Sprinkler System
OM-UT-570 Stormwater Runoff Control
OM-UT-578 Stream Crossing
OM-UT-580 Streambank and Shoreline Protection
OM-UT-587 Structure for Water Control
OM-UT-606 Subsurface Drain
OM-UT-607 Surface Drain, Field Ditch
OM-UT-608 Surface Drain, Main or Lateral
OM-UT-600 Terrace
OM-UT-575 Trails and Walkways
OM-UT-620 Underground Outlet
OM-UT-635 Vegetated Treatment Area
OM-UT-360 Waste Facility Closure
OM-UT-633 Waste Recycling
OM-UT-632 Waste Separation Facility
OM-UT-313 Waste Storage Facility
OM-UT-634 Waste Transfer
OM-UT-629 Waste Treatment
OM-UT-359 Waste Treatment Lagoon
OM-UT-636 Water Harvesting Catchment
OM-UT-614 Watering Facility
OM-UT-638 Water and Sediment Control Basin
OM-UT-640 Water Spreading
OM-UT-642 Water Well
OM-UT-351 Well Decommissioning