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Utah Engineering Activities

Utah Engineering Activities

Students view drip irrigation on pecan orchard in Hurricane, Utah
Micro and Drip Irrigation course taught to NRCS staff

Students learn about drip irrigation by visiting the pecan orchard of Tim Thompson in Hurricane Utah during a field visit in January 2011


Students looking at wind turbines near Milford, Utah
Renewable Energy course taught to NRCS staff

Students learn about Renewable Energy by visiting the wind farm of First Wind Milford near Milford Utah during a field visit in February 2011


Image of screen shot for water presentation
Stream Assessment tool SVAP

Stream Assessment tools such as Stream Visual Assessment Protocol (SVAP) and Process for assessing Proper Functioning Condition (PFC): Riparian area management is being used to assess the overall condition of the Sevier River.Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) was the preferred tool due to the low cost and relatively high accuracy resolution that assisted in identifying Rosgen’s Stream Classification and Valley Types. Field verification and stream gage analysis helped determine the reliability of IFSAR predictions.  The predicting stream classification has aided in determining the hydrologic and hydraulic elements within the SVAP and PFC.

AWRA Paper Predicting Hydrologic/Hydraulic Condition of Streams Using Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar