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Customer Service Toolkit - Utah

Customer Service Toolkit - Utah

Customer Service Toolkit is available to authorized NRCS employees and affiliates. Toolkit is the NRCS tool for creating conservation plan documents including planned practice schedules, conservation program contract documents, and for recording conservation assistance notes. It is also used for creating conservation plan maps, soils maps, or other resource maps (wetlands, wildlife habitat, nutrient management buffers, etc). Toolkit links to the National Conservation Planning Database, to the Progress Reporting System (PRS), and to Protracts.

Need help?

Before you e-mail, check the topics below to see if they might answer your questions. If you can't find the answers to your question here please e-mail a member of your Utah Toolkit support team.

Utah Toolkit Support Team

Area I Patti Sutton
Area IILee Woolsey
Area IIITony Beals
PriceDave Varner
State OfficeRyan Pierce

Toolkit Classroom Training -  Beginning and refresher training will be offered periodically as needed.

Utah NRCS Help Documents

The following files require Adobe Acrobat.

 No. 1 - New Imagery and Elevation Available (PDF, 4.35 MB)   Updated 11/01/07
 No. 2 Export Shapefile from Toolkit (PDF, 1.79 MB)   Updated 11/01/07
 No. 3 Creating Ecological Site Description Maps  (PDF, 1.58 MB)   Updated 11/01/07
 No. 4 Uploading Geospatial Data to Garmin GPS (PDF, 656 KB)  Updated 11/19/07

User Information And Resources Available From The National Customer Service Toolkit 2004 Website

Customer Service Toolkit Help

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

National Toolkit 2004 Website
This useful site includes the following:

  • Training and Support Resources
  • Instructions for using Toolkit 2004 Online Help
  • Live Meeting Replays
  • Training Slides
  • Tech Notes
  • Community Helpful Hints (Guidance and information from other states)
  • User Documentation (User Guides)
Links to Toolkit Websites in other states

Several states have toolkit help pages that may offer helpful information.

Disclaimer: The documents and references in this section were developed by and for some other state; consequently, the information may not be applicable to Utah practices. If you have questions about the processes in these documents contact your area office or Utah Toolkit Coordinator. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE PERSONS LISTED ON THESE DOCUMENTS!