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2014 Conservation Activity Plan | NRCS UTAH

July 18, 2014 - Application Deadline for Select Conservation Activity Plan

Select Plans include

  • Fish And Wildlife Habitat Plan
  • Forest Management Plan
  • Grazing Management Plan
  • Irrigation Water Management Plan
  • Integrated Pest Management Plan
  • Pollinator Habitat Management Plan

What Is A Conservation Activity Plan?

A Conservation Activity Plan or CAP can be developed for producers to identify conservation practices needed to address a specific natural resource need. Typically, these plans are specific to certain kinds of land use such as:

  • transitioning to organic operations
  • grazing land
  • forest land

A CAP can also address a specific resource need, such nutrient management or an air quality concern. With a CAP plan, producers can then apply for financial assistance to implement the needed conservation practices.

What Authority Does NRCS Have For CAPs?

Farm Bill legislation provides NRCS the authority to use financial assistance through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) for practice payments to develop of plans appropriate for the eligible land of a program participant. The Act specifically authorizes EQIP to be used for comprehensive nutrient management plans and other plans that further the purposes of the program. The conservation practice associated with plan development under this authority is known as a “Conservation Activity Plan”, or CAP.

How Do CAP Costs and Payments Work?

The Farm Bill statute allows EQIP payments based upon the estimated incurred cost of practice implementation, which for a CAP will be the labor costs typically associated with development of a plan meeting agency standards and requirements.

The payment is increased for qualifying historically underserved producers.

NRCS approves CAPs and contract payment rates offered through EQIP every fiscal year.

EQIP payments are made directly to program participants for development of a CAP. These CAP plans may only be developed by an NRCS-certified Technical Service Provider (TSP). Although NRCS personnel are prohibited from developing CAPs, they can assist with the development of conservation plans to address identified resource concerns.

How Do I Apply For A CAP?

NRCS accepts applications for EQIP on a continuous basis using the NRCS-CPA-1200 application form.

However, NRCS establishes application "cut-off" or submission deadline dates for evaluation and ranking of eligible applications.