Small Watershed Program (PL-566)

Small Watershed Program (PL-566)

The small watershed program provides both technical and financial (project implementation) assistance to help urban and rural communities protect, improve, and develop water and land resources in watersheds of up to 250,000 acres (approximately 390 square miles). Projects are undertaken at the request of local sponsors who seek assistance in addressing resource issues related to:

  • flood prevention (including wetland and flood plain easements);
  • agricultural water management (conservation, development, use and disposal);
  • fish and wildlife development;
  • public recreation (water resource improvement and basic facilities);
  • ground water recharge;
  • water quality management;
  • conservation and proper use of land (watershed protection)

Coordination with appropriate county, state, and tribal agencies is necessary. Sponsors and other beneficiaries are expected to provide a share of costs, depending
on the type of project, and are responsible for operation and maintenance of any installed improvements.

NEPA Rehabilitation Projects in Utah

The projects listed below are located in Utah and are currently undergoing NEPA analysis in the form of a Supplemental Watershed Plan and Environmental Assessment (Plan-EA).

Completed NEPA Rehabilitation Projects in Utah

NEPA analysis for the following projects has been completed:

Watershed Rehabilitation Utah Contacts

Bronson Smart
State Conservation Engineer
(801) 524-4559


Norm Evenstad
Water Resources Coordinator
(801) 524-4569

Updated:  August 21, 2014