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Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative

Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative

The 2009 Utah CCPI Request for Proposals (RFP) deadline was 4/23/2009

On March 10, 2009 the CCPI program announcement was published in the Federal Register. The notice is to inform potential partners, producers and landowners of the availability of CCPI funds and solicit proposals from potential partners. The purposes of a CCPI partnership agreement are to:

  1. Address conservation priorities involving agriculture and nonindustrial private forest land on a local, State, multi-State, or regional level;
  2. Encourage producers to cooperate in meeting applicable Federal, State, and local regulatory requirements related to production;
  3. Encourage producers to cooperate in the installation and maintenance of conservation practices that affect multiple agricultural or nonindustrial private forest land; and
  4. Promote the development and demonstration of innovative conservation practices and delivery methods, including those for specialty crop and organic production and precision agriculture producers.

CCPI provides targeted assistance to producers for enhancing conservation outcomes on agricultural and nonindustrial private forest land. All funding for projects will go directly to eligible producers in the selected area. Areas of CCPI assistance are selected competitively through applications of eligible partners. With CCPI, partners request assistance for a specific project area or resource concern. Potential partners may submit proposals that request assistance for a specified project area which may be defined by geo-political boundaries, watershed boundaries, or resource concern. For the partnership proposals that are selected, NRCS directs conservation program funding to eligible private landowners, private nonindustrial forest landowners, farmers, and ranchers who apply.

Eligible partners include state, local, and Tribal governments, producer associations and cooperatives, institutions of higher education, and nongovernmental organizations.

Additionally, NRCS requests public comment on how CCPI can contribute to the Nation’s efforts on energy, climate change, and carbon sequestration within the framework of the Initiative. Instructions for submitting comments are outlined within the text of the Federal Register announcement.

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Program Contact

Lisa Coverdale
Phone: (801) 524-4565