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Pullum Hollow-Bear and Cutler-Bear River

Pullum Hollow-Bear River

The main objective is to work with agricultural producers to promote and implement conservation practices that will reduce nutrient loading (specifically phosphorus) and thus improve water quality in the watershed.  The best management practices to be applied will also help reduce surface water concentrations of sediment, bacteria, pesticides and other pollutants. The current Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) are focused on reducing phosphorus levels in the Bear River.  The main strategy of NRCS will be to work with animal feeding operations to provide adequate storage and containment along with proper distribution and application of animal manure.

Contact the North Logan NRCS Service Center at: (435) 753-5616 

Cutler-Bear River

The Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) in water entering Cutler Reservoir are high in phosphorus.  The goal of this project is to reduce nutrient loading in the Bear River water entering Cutler Reservoir.  NRCS will work with agricultural producers (especially animal feeding operations) to apply conservation practices that will contain animal manure, fertilizer, pesticides and other pollutants and improve storage and application of animal waste to lands in the watershed.

Contact the North Logan NRCS Service Center at: (435) 753-5616.

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Cutler-Bear River Project Map (PDF, 837 KB)

Cutler-Bear River -- Water Quality Initiative