Utah NRCS Special Emphasis Program Managers

Utah NRCS Special Emphasis Program Managers

The term "Special Emphasis Programs" (SEP) refers to those programs which focus special attention on certain specific groups as a result of a particular law, regulation, and/or Executive Order. Special Emphasis programs have been initiated to address the employment-related concerns of groups not specifically included in other programs where a need for special emphasis or employment concerns of such groups have been demonstrated.

Utah NRCS has the following Special Emphasis Program Managers:

  • American Indian Emphasis Program Manager
  • Federal Women's Program Manager
  • Black Special Emphasis Program Manager
  • Hispanic Special Emphasis Program Manager
  • Disability/Veterans Special Emphasis Program Manager
  • Veteran's Emphasis Program Manager
  • Asian American/Pacific Islander Special Emphasis Program Manager
Utah Civil Rights Special Emphasis Program Managers
Title Name Phone Location Email Start Finish
American Indian Emphasis Program Manager Cloyce Smith (435) 587-2481 x119 Monticello 10/1/05 9/30/08
Federal Women's Program Manager Cindy Burton (801) 263-3204 x109 Murray 10/1/07 9/30/11
Black Emphasis Program Manager Wynea Milton (435) 381-2300 x113 Castle Dale 10/1/07 9/30/11
Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager Larry Young (435) 835-4171 x22 Manti 10/1/04 9/30/08
Disability Emphasis Program Manager Robert Fish (435) 722-4621 x116 Roosevelt 10/1/04 9/30/09
Veteran's Emphasis Program Manager Ron Francis (801) 524-4557 Salt Lake City 10/1/05 9/30/09
Asian Pacific Islander Program Manager Jonathan Tufuga (801) 524-4575 Salt Lake City

10/1/07 9/30/10