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PL-566 Sediment Studies

A typical candidate watershed site for rehabilitation was constructed between the late 1950's to the middle 1960's. When the projects were planned the majority were in a rural setting. Many dams originally constructed as low hazard are now classified as high hazard as a result of downstream urbanization. These dams must now be upgraded to meet high hazard criteria.

WRAT is participating in the planning of the rehabilitation of some sites by using a calibrated SWAT model to determine sedimentation from the watershed with projected land use changes.

Sites that we have modeled include:

Calaveras Creek Site 6

East Fork Above Lavon Site 2A

Little Elm and Laterals Site 18A

Mountain Creek Site 10

Nolan Creek Site 15

Olmitos and Garcias Creeks Site 7

Plum Creek Site 1,5,6

Richland Creek Site 14A

Salt Creek Site 2

Salt Creek Site 5

Upper Brushy Creek Site 7

Upper Brushy Creek Site 13A