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Coastal Bend Bays and Estuary Program

Coastal Bend Bays and Estuary Program

The Coastal Bend Bays and Estuary Program (CBBEP) study area encompasses an estuarine and near coastal environment of 75 miles (121 kilometers) of the south-central Texas coastline, and includes the 12 member counties of the Coastal Bend Council of Governments. The general objective of the WRAT's study for the CBBEP was to characterize nonpoint source pollution within the study area. The study also included a pilot study of the application of computer simulation models to determine flow and nonpoint source pollutant loadings in the Oso Creek watershed located in the CBBEP project area.  Visit the CBBEP web site for updates.

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Characterization of Non Point Sources and Loadings to the CCBNEP Study Area (PDF; 2.26 MB)