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The Southern Great Plains Soil Survey Region 9

Soil Survey Guides, Procedures, References, Technical Notes

The following documents require Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

Guide for Basic Analysis PC queries to create RIC (Range in Characteristics) Reports for Soil Series (PDF; 142 Kb)

Consolidated Block Diagram Guide (PDF; 992 Kb)

If you encounter any problems with the two files provided above, please contact Jeremiah "Jo" Parsley at 325-629-8238 ext. 126.
Guides for Units of Measure - English and Metric Conversions (XLS; 190 Kb)

Part 618 - Soil Properties and Qualities

Estimated Organic Carbon = Total Carbon

Nearly all units of measure in NASIS are metric. To facilitate consistency in the population of those data fields, the following conversion tables are provided.
MLRA Benchmark Soils (PDF; 296 Kb)
MLRA Soils Map (PDF; 5.33 Mb)
MO9 Manuscript Guidance (PDF; 240 Kb)
Monolith Collection and Preparation - For soils without restrictive layers (PDF; 2.10 Mb)
Excavation Safety
Excavation and Pit Safety Program (PDF; 113 Kb)
Safety at the Excavation Site (PDF; 44 Kb)
Altair Single Gas Detector (PDF; 490 Kb)
OSHA Technical Manual - Section V:  Chapter 2 (PDF; 794 Kb)
Soil Sampling Excavation Checklist - TX-SOI-2 (PDF; 76 Kb)
Soil Sampling Excavation Checklist - TX-SOI-2, Appendix B (PDF; 69 Kb)
Excavation OSHA (PDF; 4 Mb)
GME Hydraulic Vertical Shores (PDF; 2 Mb)
Towing a Trailer, Being Equipped for Safety (PDF; 2.62 Mb)
Safety is number one when towing the backhoes (PDF; 44 Kb)

Region 9 Soil Survey Technical Notes

Special Studies


Levi Steptoe
Soil Survey Regional Director
Phone:  254-742-9830

Personnel Directory- Texas State Soil Staff (PDF; 64 Kb)