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Texas Watershed Tables

Texas Watershed Tables

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Surveys and Planning
Funding for Surveys and Planning of new watershed projects is currently not available.

Watershed Operations
1.1 Watershed Project Status Report FY2012 (PDF; 215 KB)
Watershed Federal Financial Assistance -Texas 2012 (PDF; 88 KB)
1.8 Watershed Operations Monetary Benefits  FY2012 (PDF; 133 KB)
1.9 Watershed Operations Social And Community Benefits FY2012 (PDF; 135 KB)
1.10 Watershed Operations Benefits to Natural Resources  FY2012 (PDF; 188 KB)
1.11 Watershed Operations Unfunded Federal Commitment FY2012 (PDF; 11 KB)

Watershed Rehabilitation
2.8 Watershed Rehabilitation Monetary Benefits FY2012 (PDF; 19 KB)
2.9 Watershed Rehabilitation Social And Community Benefits FY2012 (PDF; 28 KB)
2.10 Watershed Rehabilitation Benefits to Natural Resources FY2012 (PDF; 24 KB)