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Rosenberg Soil Scientists Provide Web Soil Survey Training to Prairie View

story by Kenny Hall

Soil Scientists Jon Wiedenfeld and Kenny Hall, with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Soil Survey Office in Rosenberg, presented Web Soil Survey at the GIS Day at Prairie View A&M University. The workshop provided the opportunity for students and the public to see how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is being used in government and the private sector. Wiedenfeld and Hall led a hands-on demonstration of Web Soil Survey to attendees that emphasized the easy step-by-step process built into the application. In addition, students were able to use Web Soil Survey to locate soils information and how that benefits them. Hall said that students were surprised to see how easy the tool was in finding information that addressed land capability needs on a local level. They were able to see the program zoom into to their specific homes, farms, and even the campus at Prairie View A&M University, which gave them a realistic view to how Web Soil Survey can be a useful tool. Wiedenfeld noted that several attendees were eager to get home and look up information on their personal farm and ranch for a variety of projects.

Kenny Hall (l) and Jon Weidenfeld (r) Kenny Hall (l) and Jon Weidenfeld (r)

Kenny Hall (l) and Jon Weidenfeld (r) prepare the Web Soil Survey display for GIS Day at Prairie View A&M University

Kenny Hall (l) and Jon Weidenfeld (r) demonstrating Web Soil Survey to students and faculty at Prairie View A&M University