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Make It and Take It Science Fair

Make It and Take It Science Fair

Story by Ellen Park, San Patricio SWCD

A nose is a nose, is a nose�until it is time to PICK YOUR NOSE from the San Patricio SWCD and NRCS exhibit displayed during the Make It and Take It science fair at the Rockport Fulton 4-5 Learning Center. Each student picked a �nose� from a variety of paper cups that had been imprinted with animal noses. The cups held multiple candies and snacks. Posters provided information on backyard, wildlife, rangeland, cropland, wetland and the animal �noses� that live in these habitats. As students grazed on the snacks, they matched each snack to a food the animals would find in their individual habitats.

Students learned that healthy conservation makes for healthy habitats and healthy noses!

Display observation

Pick your nose display
Leroy Wolff helps students match the animals snack food. Pick your nose display at the Make It and Take It Science Fair.
Student with nose cup  
Student selects and tries on animal nose cup.