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Using Soil Data -

What soil data are in a Conservation Plan?

  1. Legible soil map
    • One theme = One Map
      • If you are making soils map, show soils and soil labels; do not use field labels, acres, tract number, etc.
      • Print more maps for field/tract information, planned practices, etc.
    • Use soil map unit symbols
      • Colors are OK but rarely work by themselves. They look different on different land uses.
      • Use the Map Labels Button in Toolkit to create labels on the soil map
        • Labels can be moved
        • Labels can be made a different color
        • References: Guide to ArcMap Basics, Appendix D; Online Toolkit Help (Toolkit ArcMap Extension, Map Labels Tool)
    • Other tips:
      • Field boundaries, roads, streams can be shown on the soil map but do not label them. Show them only when needed.
      • Is the aerial photography really needed? Ortho may add much needed information but, does it? Try looking at the soil map with out it. Does it relay the same information?
      • Solid colors look different over woods, water, mowed fields, etc - separation of semi-transparent colors may be hard for some people.
      • Be sure you are using the color ramp "Basic Random"
  2. Legend for soil map
  3. Map unit descriptions

Soil Map Examples

Click on the thumbnail below to view soil map examples.

Solid Color use of 3 soil map units  





Use of symbols