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Using Soil Data

Soil information remain some of the most requested items in our agency.  The official soil data exist on the web and in the FO.  These data are now the official data for plans, soil interpretations, reports, programs, etc.

The following are a series of training sessions designed for the NRCS field offices in Tennessee to better understand and use soil data for conservation plans, walk-in clients and for yourself!

Soils data in farm plans - How much and what format?

Tennessee Bulletin 450-06-1 provided guidelines for what should be included. What soil data are included in a conservation plan?

Printing Soil Legends

Soil legends are necessary for any soil map; How are soil legends generated?

Printing Soil Descriptions

General soil descriptions are part of the data that should go in every plan and possibly in each distribution of any soils information.  How are soil descriptions generated?