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31st Annual Central States Forest Soils Workshop

The 31st annual CSFSW was held in the Natchez Trace State Forest area near Lexington, Tennessee on October 11- 13, 2011. Attendance was 70 people from ten states (Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas). Disciplines will include soil scientists, foresters, ecologists, educators and land use consultants and managers. The workshop began with speakers from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Sewanee University of the South, University of Tennessee at Martin and University of Tennessee Experiment Stations welcoming and introducing participants to the area. The next day and a half was spent exploring and learning about the soils and forestry conditions and plans at 8 different sites in the Natchez Trace State Forest, and at forestry research projects at the UT Experiment Station at Jackson, Tennessee.

The Site Visits

  • Severely Gullied Land Reforestation Site- forestry management discussions with soil pits
  • Depositional Bottomland Hardwood Site - forestry management discussions with soil pits
  • Cherrybark Oak Plantation
  • Rock Ledges Geology Site - forestry management discussions with soil pits
  • Depositional floodplain site with headcut erosion- erosion management discussions with soil pits
  • Upland Hardwoods Soil Carbon Data Collection Site
  • White Oak Regeneration Site
  • Pine Forest Type - forestry management discussions with soil pits
  • Bottomland Hardwood Research project -- forestry management discussions with soil pits

Links to Agenda, Brochure, Guidebook, Presentations, and Photo Gallery

The following documents are available in Adobe Acrobat format:


  • Kentucky-Tennessee Society of American Foresters
    Tennessee Department of Agriculture,Division of Forestry
  • Soil Scientists Association of Tennessee
  • Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Tennessee State Parks
  • University of Tennessee at Martin
  • Sewanee University of the South
  • University of Tennessee Experiment Stations
  • USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service-Tennessee


The Central States Forest Soils Workshops came into existence during a Lake States Forest Soils Council Meeting at Bloomington, Indiana in the fall of 1979. Individuals from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and Kentucky met and decided to form their own group in order to focus more on the soils and forests of the Central States Region. The name "Central States Forest Soils Workshop" was chosen for the group as a means of identifying the geographic region and to signify the intent that the organization was to be a working group dedicated to field trips, on-site discussions, and learning experiences. Six states are involved: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee.

The Central States Forest Soils Workshop (CSFSW) is a loosely structured organization without officers or a charter. It has operated quite successfully on an informal, volunteer basis. Each year, someone or a group of individuals, volunteer to organize and host the next year's workshop. Currently, we are at the end of the fifth cycle; with conclusion of this meeting, all States will have hosted five workshops.

Generally, each workshop has begun with a social hour, followed by a session with guest speakers presenting overviews on the geology, physiography, soils, vegetation of the featured area. The ensuing 1- to 2-day field trips have featured a wide variety of soil-site - forest conditions. Generally, soil pits have been dug or exposed soil surfaces such as road cuts have been used at most stops for examination. Usually, a soil scientist leads a discussion of the morphological, physical, and chemical soil properties and a forester leads a discussion of the surrounding forest stand. A discussion of the soil-site-forest relations normally follows. A dinner usually concludes the first full day field trip; occasionally, a speaker or entertainment is part of this soil event. A short business meeting is held to identify the state, location, and leaders of the next workshop.

Locations of Central States Forest Soils Workshops

1st 1980•Berea, KY 17th 1996-Bloomington, Indiana
2nd 1981-Salem, MO ----- 1997-Not Held
3rd1982-Wooster, OH 18th 1998-Red River Gorge, Kentucky
4th 1983-Carbondale, IL 19th 1999-Standing Stone State Park, TN
5th 1984-Jasper, IN 20th 2000-Hannibal, Missouri
6th 1985 Cadiz, KY 21st 2001-Matteson, Illinois
7th 1986-Cleveland, TN 22nd 2002-Toledo, Ohio
8th 1987-Sikeston, MO 23rd 2003-Scottsburg, Indiana
9th 1988-Pere Marquette State Park, IL 24th 2004-Hazard, Kentucky
10th 1989-Chillicothe, OH 25th 2005-Great Smoky Mts. National Park
11th 1990-Seymour, IN 26th 2006-Poplar Bluff, Missouri
12th 1991-Jackson, TN 27th 2007-Carbondale. Illinois
13th 1992-Park City. Kentucky 28th 2008-Columbus, Ohio
14th 1993-Jefferson City, Missouri 29th 2009-Santa Claus, Indiana
15th 1994-Marion, Illinois 30th 2010-London, KY
16th 1995-Nelsonville, Ohio 31st 2011-Natchez Trace State Forest, TN

For Additional Information, contact:

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Nashville, TN 37172
(615) 277-2550