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Farmland Protection Policy Act and AD-1006 Forms


The Farmland Protection Policy Act (FPPA) is intended to minimize the impact Federal programs have on the unnecessary and irreversible conversion of farmland to nonagricultural uses. It assures that—to the extent possible—Federal programs are administered to be compatible with state, local units of government, and private programs and policies to protect farmland. Federal agencies are required to develop and review their policies and procedures to implement the FPPA every two years.

The FPPA does not authorize the Federal Government to regulate the use of private or nonfederal land or, in any way, affect the property rights of owners.

For the purpose of FPPA, farmland includes prime farmland, unique farmland, and land of statewide or local importance. Farmland subject to FPPA requirements does not have to be currently used for cropland. It can be forest land, pastureland, cropland, or other land, but not water or urban built-up land.

Is your project subject to FPPA? Download the FPPA Kit (PDF; 123KB) to see instructions and clarification.

Learn more about Conservation Innovation Grants from the national FPPA web page.


These documents require Adobe Acrobat.

AD-1006 form (PDF; 152 KB)

CPA-106 form (PDF; 570 KB) For corridors

Farmland Protection Policy Act Brochure (PDF; 288 KB) Where to send your forms, when to fill out FPPA requests and clarification to make your application process go smoothly!

Farmland Protection Policy Act Flat Document (PDF; 861 KB)

The Tennessee contact for FPPA is: 

Doug Slabaugh Doug Slabaugh
State Soil Scientist

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