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Hancock Uses Precision Nutrient Management for Optimum Benefits

Mathew Hancock of the Milldale community in Robertson County is applying conservation practices to his operation using cost-share assistance through the NRCS Mississippi River Basin Initiative (MRBI). Hancock worked with NRCS District Conservationist Phillip Wilson to determine what conservation practices would best meet the needs of his operation.

Practices installed include 2.5 acres of critical area planting and 340 acres of precision nutrient management. The critical area planting practice was applied to crop land where gully erosion was a problem. These areas were fertilized, limed, seeded, and mulched in accordance with NRCS guidelines.

The precision nutrient management practice enabled Hancock to apply nutrients at variable rates to address specific crop needs in specific areas of his fields. Precision nutrient management helped Hancock avoid over-fertilization and reduced nutrient waste while helping prevent nutrient loading of streams when heavy rainfall occurs. Additionally applying fertilizer only where needed reduces costs thus increasing farm income.

Other practices that are planned for Hancock’s operation include grassed waterways and grade stabilization structures for gully erosion control. These practices will further reduce soil erosion and improve water quality on his farm.

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