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NTCHS Operating Procedures

Committee shall consist of at least 15 permanent members as follows:

  • Chairperson is an NRCS soil scientist with national responsibilities. The chair will be appointed by the Director of the Soil Science Division.
  • Four NRCS State Soil Scientists, MO Leaders or designees.
  • One member each from the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management.
  • At least five representatives from universities to include scientists doing research in hydric soils.
  • Others representatives may be selected as deemed appropriate.

Members will retain membership as determined by the agency they represent, or they may resign by submitting a letter of resignation to the chairperson, NTCHS.

Membership representation from universities is voluntary and vacancies are open to persons nominated by the university representatives and who have a proven research record on hydric soils. Nominations come forward for NTCHS vote from the university representative subcommittee. Vacant positions will be announced and qualifications and references will be submitted to the NTCHS. These members will be chosen by the NTCHS.

The committee shall meet at least once a year to conduct business.

Business shall be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order.

Substitutes may attend for members, the Chair should be notified in advance of the meeting that a substitute will be attending. Proxy votes may be “bestowed” upon the substitutes or another NTCHS member with advance notice to the Chair.

Sub-committees of the NTCHS may be formulated to deal with specific issues. These sub-committees will produce a “charge” document, and recommendations for approval of the entire NTCHS. Sub-committees may seek assistance from outside experts who are not members of the NTCHS.

All members are responsible for their own travel costs to attend meetings.

Minutes of the meeting will be circulated to the committee and maintained by the chairperson. Minutes shall be available to the public via the website.

The NRCS shall be responsible for notification of changes to the definition, criteria and the National List of Hydric Soils by publishing changes in the Federal Register.

Changes in the NTCHS committee membership, hydric soils glossary, operating procedures, etc. shall be distributed via the Hydric Soils Homepage, National Soil Data Access Facility.