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Soil Property Guides

MLRA Region 10 Soil Property Guides

  • Guides for Editing Soil Properties
    Soil properties are measured from direct observations in the field or laboratory. Examples are bulk density, particle size distribution, cation exchange capacity, soil moisture status, and organic matter.
  • Guides for Editing Soil Interpretations and Qualities
    Soil interpretations/qualities are behavior and performance attributes of the soil that cannot be directly measured. They are developed from observations of dynamic conditions and from soil properties. Examples are soil drainage class, AASHTO, corrosivity, frost action, and wind erodibility.
  • Guide for Determining Which Soil Properties are Used to Generate an Interpretation
    The NASIS Interpretations Generator uses Soil Properties to generate custom interpretations using local criteria. This document provides instructions to determine the specific soil properties used to generate any interpretation.

Guides for Units of Measure - English and Metric Conversions

Nearly all units of measure in NASIS are metric. To facilitate consistency in the population of those data fields, the following conversion tables are provided:

The following documents require Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word DocumentConversion - Feet and Meters

Microsoft Word Document

Conversion - Inches & ½ Foot Increments to Centimeters