Soil Properties Used to Generate an Interpretation

Determining Which Soil Properties are Used to Generate an Interpretation

Instructions for checking on the soil properties used by an interpretation:

  • Open a NASIS session.

  • Open the report generator (Options, Standard Reports) and select the report that has the interpretation you want to check for properties used.

  • Read the report description on the right side of the report manager to determine what rules the report is using.

  • View the "Rules, Rule" table.

  • Run the following National query "Rule by rule name and NASIS site" and enter the rule name that you selected from the report manager and its Nasis site.

  • You should now have the rule loaded into you selected set in the rule table. You can now run the National report for the rule tree (Options, Standard Reports, INTERP – Interpretive Rule Tree).

  • This report will display all of the subrules, evaluations, and soil properties used by the rule you selected previously. The properties listed in this report will lead you to the NASIS elements that are being used by the rule.