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Guides for Soil Interpretations and Qualities

Guides for Soil Interpretations and Qualities

The purpose of this table is to provide links to national and local guidance criteria for soil interpretations and qualities. Many of these links are to the National Soil Survey Handbook (NSSH); some are links to supplemental guides containing local criteria that may be used in lieu of the national criteria in the NSSH. Use of local criteria is encouraged for NASIS interpretations and qualities, but the user is cautioned to not use any supplemental guide outside of the geographic area for which it was developed.

If you have additional or updated supplemental guides, please submit them to the MLRA Region 10 Staff.

Some of the following documents require Microsoft Word.

Soil Interpretation or Quality NSSH Guide Supplemental Guide
AASHTO Group Classification (Engineering Classification) 618.20 AASHTO
AASHTO Group Index 618.20(b) None
Corrosion 618.11 None
Drainage Class 618.16 Under development
Erosion, Accelerated, Kind 618.22 None
Erosion Class 618.22 None
Excavation Difficulty Classes 618.23 None
Frost Action, Potential 618.29 None
Hydrologic Group 618.35 Microsoft Word DocumentSummary of Hydrologic Soil Groups - Michigan SOI-5 Guide
Land Capability Classification 622.02 Microsoft Word DocumentSouth Dakota Key To Land Capability Units

Microsoft Word DocumentWisconsin Key To Land Capability Units
Potential Frost Action 618.29 None
Runoff (Index Surface Runoff) 618.49 None
RUSLE (Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation) 618.55 None
Soil Erodibility Factors, USLE, RUSLE 618.55 Wisconsin Kf Guidelines for Cultivated Surface Horizons

Microsoft Word DocumentMichigan Guidelines for Kf Values
Soil Erodibility Factors for WEPP 618.56 None
Soil Slippage Hazard 618.58 None
Surface Runoff 618.49 None
T Factor 618.62 Wisconsin T Value Criteria

Microsoft Word DocumentMichigan Guidelines - T Value
UNIFIED Soil Classification (Engineering Classification) 618.20(c) Under development.
USLE (Universal Soil Loss Equation) 618.55 None
WEPP, Soil Erodibility Factors for 618.56 None
Wildlife Habitat 622.09 Microsoft Word DocumentWisconsin Wildlife Habitat Rating Guide
Wind Erodibility Group and Index 618.72 None